Hello Fresh Deals | Lose Weight Without Exercise

Hello Fresh Deals | Lose Weight Without Exercise


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Talking about losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. However, weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym. People who don’t have time or desire to hit the gym can lose weight without exercise. Read on to find out how to lose weight without exercise with proven tips.

Method 1: Modify your diet with Hello Fresh

The determining factor for weight loss is a caloric deficit. When calories out are more than calories in, you are burning more calories. You can achieve caloric deficit to lose weight with a nutrient diet plan. That’s why diet becomes an essential part of weight loss especially when you want to lose weight without exercise.

You need a balanced diet that meets the following standards:

  1. Countable calories
  2. High amounts of lean protein
  3. Plenty of fiber-rich non-starchy veggies
  4. Moderate amounts of healthy fats
  5. Small servings of complex carbs
  6. Drink more water
  7. Don’t drink sugary drinks
  8. Stay away from unhealthy food/snacks

If you have enough knowledge of nutrition, you can follow these standards to build a balanced and nutritious diet plan for yourself, then do the meal prep to lose weight in a natural and permanent way.

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Method 2: Change your lifestyle

In addition to diet, lifestyle changes can also affect your weight. There are tips that don’t require hard work but benefit in losing weight. Let’s give it try!

1. Chew thoroughly and slower

Eating your food slowly can help you feel more full with less food, so you’ll get decreased food intake with fewer calories. It’s because your brain needs time to process that you’ve had enough to eat. When you eat quickly, you consume more food before your brain signals that you’re full. Chew thoroughly not only decreased food intake and increased fullness, but also help you digest better. In the contrast, studies show fast eaters are more likely to be obese.
You can slow down by counting how many times you chew each bite.

2. Eat without electronic distractions

Nowadays, it’s common to see people eating while playing on their smartphones. However, people who focus on other stuff like their phones when eating are more likely to overeat. It’s because when you tempt to multi-task, you’ll lose track of how much you’ve eaten, and this can cause overeating. Additionally, people who were distracted at a meal ate 25% more calories at later meals.
To prevent overeating, you need to pay attention to your meals, you can count bites when eating, which helps you eat slower. This process lets your stomach send the fulling feels to your brain, so you intake less food in a feeling of fullness.

3. Get enough rest

Lack of sleep may imbalance several important appetites and let you eat more. Sleeping has a significant impact on your ability to lose weight. Certain hormones fluctuate and can increase your hunger and cravings for unhealthy food, lead you to intake higher calories, and increase the risk of several diseases.
Thus, one of the most important things to do when losing weight fast without exercise is to improve your sleep quality.

4. Reduce stress

Stress is another crucial factor that influences your weight and health. When people is under stress, hormonal disorders in the body lead to hunger and desire for unhealthy food. It’s common to see stressed people want to eat more snacks, fried food and gradually obsessed with food.
So if you find yourself in an unstable mood, you need to find a way to reduce stress. In this situation, you need to obtain peace of your mind first. Meditation and therapy is a ways to reduce stress and gain peace of mind. If the situation is complicated, seeking help from a psychologist is also a way to help.

Method 3: Reward yourself per week

Knowing how to lose weight without exercise is not difficult, consistency is the key. To make the whole process easier, we recommend you take one day off per week to reward yourself.
Fighting against human nature is very difficult, we’re built to chase sugary food and high calories, so a one-day off per week would make you happy, and are more willing to stick to plan.

On that day, you should allow yourself to eat whatever you want, fried chicken, fried potatoes, ice cream, cake, sugary beverage… anything you want to eat. And it’s also a great day to go out with friends, drink beer, have parties, etc.

Paradoxically, dramatic intake of a huge amount of caloric once per week increases fat loss.

Final words

Losing weight without exercising is possible. The whole point is how to lose weight naturally and permanently in a healthy way. As long as you eat nutrients diet and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to stick to the habits in the long term and achieve your goal.

By Iris Zheng

I have worked as a content writer for years and have found great joy and meaning in this profession. As a member of a company's writing team, I have benefited from continuous training and learning opportunities. These experiences have not only improved my research skills and learning abilities but have also enabled me to quickly find valuable and accurate information in the vast sea of data.My previous work in banking instilled meticulous work habits in me. I carefully inspect and verify information I collect with the aim of providing readers with authentic and reliable content. My skills and cautious nature not only allow me to offer robust support to readers in my professional life but also position me as a source of information and advice for my family and friends in my personal life.I derive immense enjoyment and a profound sense of accomplishment from assisting others. If my articles are able to assist you in any way, it would be both an honor and a personal achievement. This motivation will continue to inspire me to pursue constant improvement and produce more valuable content.

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