How to Install Neptune Rising in Kodi [Easy Steps]


Neptune Rising is a Kodi video add-on which streams free movies and TV shows. With its neatly organized layout and a vast array of media content, it has become the most recent pet add-on among the Kodi community.

Wondering what’s so great inside Neptune Rising that makes it so wildly popular? Well, you’re only 4 steps to finding it out!


How to install Neptune Rising on Kodi

Step 1: Enable unknown sources

Before we install any third-party add-ons on Kodi, we need to make sure to enable unknown sources. To do so:

1) Launch Kodi. Then click the Settings icon    > System settings.

2) Click Add-ons and make sure the toggle next to Unknown sources is turned on.

3) Click Yes to confirm the warning message for enabling the toggle if asked.

Step 2: Add Blamo Repository source path

Step 2 is to add Blamo Repository source path to File manager. Here’s how:

1) On your keyboard, press the Esc key and click File manager.

2) Double-click on Add source and click <None>.

3) Copy & paste into the box and enter blamo.

Step 3: Install the Blamo Repository

Step 3 is to install  Blamo Repository since it’s where we install our Neptune Rising from.

1) On your keyboard, press Esc twice to be back at the home screen. Then click on Add-ons.

2) Click the icon on the upper-left.

3) Click on Install from zip file.

4) Click on blamo.

5) Click on the file.

6) Wait for a couple of seconds for a notification to pop up.

Step 4: Install the Neptune Rising Add-on

1) Click Install from repository.

2) Click Blamo RepoVideo add-onsNeptune Rising.

3) Click Install.

4) Wait a little while until you get a successful installation notification message.

5) Click on Neptune Rising > open.

And voila! Now you have a whole wealth of movies and TV shows all at your fingertip. Enjoy!


A WORD OF WARNINGSuper Easy does not condone any activities of copyright infringement. We highly suggest users watch ONLY contents that are legally available in the public domain. Be sure to use a securely encrypted VPN to protect your anonymity and privacy if you’re to watch any geo-restricted media contents.

By Enya Zhang

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