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How To Get Tidal Free Trial For 3 Months And Longer – 2023

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Music fans would love Tidal for its high-quality audio. While Tidal offers a free tier with limited access and ad interruptions, the premium subscription (HiFi and HiFi Plus) will definitely bring you better superior music listening experience. You’re able to enjoy high-quality audio, watch videos and download music for offline listening.

So is there a Tidal free trial that you can try the service before taking the subscription? YES! In this post, we’ll show proven ways to get Tidal premium free for 3 months and even longer.

5 Best Ways to Get Tidal Free Trial

Here are all the simple tricks to get a Tidal free trial, easily & quickly.

Method 1 – Sign up for the 30-day free trial

Any new users of Tidal can sign up for a 30-day free trial on its official website. During the registration, you could also extend the trial to another 60 days for $3. That said, the first three-month subscription is only $3.

1) Go to the Tidal homepage and click Start Free Trial at the top right corner.

2) Enter your email and register a new account following the instruction.

3) Choose a premium plan, HiFi or HiFi Plus. Both guarantee full access to the TIDAL catalog and unique features but Plus adds artist payouts, with 10% of your subscription directed to your favorite artists.

4) Toggle on the button to grab the extended 60 days trial for $3. Then click Continue.

Complete the payment and you’re good to go. If you want to save a bit on the Tidal subscription after the trial, make sure to check if you’re qualified for special discounts for students (50% off), first responders or the military (40% off). Or you can invite your family members or friends (up to 6 accounts) to join the Family Plan at $14.99/month.

Method 2 – Score 3 months free trial with BestBuy

You can also get a 3-month TIDAL trial of HiFi, HiFi Plus or the family plan with purchase of qualifying products on BestBuy. That sounds like a great deal bundling audio rigs with a apremium music streaming plan. To claim the offer, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the BestBuy website, and add a TIDAL 3-month plan you prefer to the cart.

2) View the products page, and add a qualifying product to your cart. Some products may come with additional streaming benefits like free Apple TV, YouTube Premium, fuboTV and more.

3) Go to your shopping cart and you should see the TIDAL 3-month subscription is free.

Method 3 – Get 6-month free trial with specific services

Apart from BestBuy, several service providers have also included the Tidal premium subscription as perks for their customers. We’ve rounded up a list. Simply check out if you’re eligible for the offer.

ProviderTidal trial Who’s eligible
Sprint6 months of HiFi/HiFi PlusHiFi free trial for Unlimited Plus users
HiFi Plus free trial for Unlimited Premium customers
T-Mobile Poland90-day trialEvery T-Mobile customers
Mercedez-Benz3 months of HiFi PlusAll customers who claim the offer via the Mercedes me portal

Method 4 – Get paid to do surveys

This is not technically a method to score Tidal free trial. But if you want to earn extra money to pay for your music streaming cost, a simple way is to take paid surveys with Survey Junkie. It’s a top and popular community where people share their opinions in exchange for cash or rewards.

Once setting up your account and completing the profile, you can receive matched surveys. Normally each survey takes 2-3 minutes and gives different points, worth around $0.20 – $3.50. When enough points are accumulated, you can redeem cash via PayPal or get free e-gift cards of Walmart or Amazon (and more) to purchase whatever is needed.

Method 5 – Check out social media for voucher

Social media is a good place for you to find various kinds of freebies. And Reddit is where many users would share promo codes for games or streaming services. On the Tidal subreddit, we found that some people are happy to give away unused TIDAL voucher codes for free. Free stuff is hard to come by, so you may keep an eye on it and grab it before it’s too late.

That’s how to get a Tidal free trial. The clever way is to try it free for 30 days and get another 2 two months of trial at $3. If you have more ideas on getting free Tidal or music, feel free to leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: We only recommend products we believe in. Products that work. But, just so you know, we may earn commission in doing so.

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