30% Off Lululemon In Store Coupon in Feb 2021

Every one has a reason to run; we have every reason to save money. For those who wonder how to get Lululemon coupons may end up with tons of Lululemon deals and offers. Does Lululemon offer coupons? If so, seriously, how to get Lululemon in store coupons?

Lululemon In-Store Coupon FAQ

Does Lululemon have coupons?

Yes, they do offer coupons, but just for Lululemon members. If you search Lululemon coupons online, you’ll find it a great waste of time.

Since 2018, Lululemon has been testing a loyalty program to make itself stand out among the athletic-wear brands. The $128 Lululemon membership pays for a pair of pants or shorts, special sales, the ability to attend curated workout classes and free express shipping. 

Members may receive promotion codes for these classes. These codes are redeemed only by members and will be expired at the end of the month. Sharing and distributing promo codes is prohibited. Therefore, you won’t be able to see any online codes to grab immediate savings.

Coupons, in essence, is a method of promotion. Since they’re shifting from promoting their products to membership, there’s rare chance you may get an online promo code from coupon websites.

How to get lululemon in store coupon?

Unfortunately, there’s no online coupons or Lululemon in store coupons. If you’re interested in any in-store coupons, you can google promo site:lululemon.com to check if they’re offering any official discount codes.

Is there a Lululemon birthday coupon?

It’s confirmed by Lululemon customer service that there’s no birthday discounts from Lululemon currently. To enjoy a discount when shopping at Lululemon, you can check the Made Too Much section, where they sell their clearance items at a discount. For Lululemon members, of course, you can enjoy 20% off on your birthday.

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How to Save on Lululemon Besides Lululemon coupons?

Actually, you can always save at Lululemon. If you don’t feel like becoming a LLL member right now, we’ve put together hacks to save your money.

1. Check Lululemon Deals

Yes, Lululemon is always crazy expensive. However, you can sometimes enjoy a 50% off its regular price on some of your favorite items, such as 50% off women’s dress.

So the first thing is to check Lululemon deals and see what’s on sale at the moment. If you see a markdown item is sold out in your size, you can search it on lululemon.com and check if the item is still in stock in other stores. If you’re lucky to find the size you want, you can call up the store to let them do a sale send over and have the item shipped to you for free.

The average discount is 30% for Lululemon, 40% for Lululemon outlet, and for bras it can go up to 55%. Plus, don’t count on holidays and Black Friday, for Lululemon seldom does traditional holiday offers. The best way is to follow your local Lululemon Facebook to know more about seasonal sales.

2. Take Advantage of Lululemon Price Matching

If you purchase something, whether online or in store, and find the same item is cheaper, you can ask for a difference refund. You’ll need to provide evidence via live chat: the receipt of the item you purchased, and a picture of the same item’s price tag.

3. Shop at Lululemon Outlet

You can search Lululemon outlet on Yelp or check all Lululemon stores to see if they’re currently open. Most of the outlet stores are temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Lululemon outlet offers the same or even larger discount as We made too much sale.

4. Trainer Discount: 25% Off

If you are a leader of sweat, join the Sweat Collective to enjoy your leader discount. If you’re one of these below, you can start saving money by applying to be one of them. After you complete the application, it may take five days to hear from Lululemon about your Sweat Collective status.

  • group instructors and personal trainers
  • professional athletes and coaches
  • elite amateur athletes and coaches
  • studio owners and managers
  • professional run club leaders
  • team trainers/team staff

5. Military and First Responders: 25% Off

Lululemon offers a 25% in-store discount to active North American military members, military spouses, and active emergency first responders like police, firefighters, EMTs/paramedics, and correctional officers. A valid government ID must be shown at the time of purchase. That takes 25% off everything in the store, including markdowns.

6. Team Special Offer: 25% Off

If you order 12 pieces or more, you can enjoy 25% off their regular prices. You can learn more about Lululemon team program and you’ll need to make inquiries by emailing, and it takes 10 business days to hear back from them for the time being.

7. Lululemon Giftc Card: 5% to 6.5% Off

Gift Card Spread is offering $100 and $300 gift card to save you a few bucks on your regular purchase. However, CardCash offers Lululemon gift card from $50 to $700 at basically the same discount for more options.

To save even more, you can get coupons for Gift Card Spread and Card Cash and apply the coupon on the checkout page.

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