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Audiobooks provide a new way for bookworms to enjoy stories when they don’t have the time to sit down and read. Luckily, there are plenty of free audiobooks online, you can listen to the audiobooks while jogging, commuting, cleaning, etc. So where to find all these audiobooks and even for free? Read on for details.


LibriVox is a free public domain audiobook website. This site is totally free and is supported by volunteers and donations. You can search audiobooks by titles and authors. Because the audiobooks in LibriVox are made by volunteers, audio quality can vary. On the other hand, because volunteers use their native languages to record audiobooks, you have a higher chance to find audiobooks under your native language section.

Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon-savvy shopper, you’ll be familiar with Amazon Prime. Every Amazon Prime member gets free access to Prime Reading, whereas a Kindle Unlimited subscription costs $9.99 per month.

Amazon Prime members can get unlimited reading from books, magazines, audible narration, and more. Note that Audible plans and Amazon Prime are different subscriptions, Amazon Prime membership doesn’t include Audible, but you can access Audible’s free offerings on Amazon and other titles you can’t find anywhere else.

If you love shopping on Amazon and love reading, Amazon Prime would be a good option to meet your need. Amazon Prime Reading lets you switch seamlessly between reading and listing without ever losing their place.


Audible is a famous audiobook giant owned by Amazon. This big brand has one of the largest and most up-to-date collections of audiobooks on the internet. This site isn’t a free audiobook site, but it does offer some audiobooks for free.

We recommend this site due to its large audiobook resources, if you want an audiobook that is newly released, Audible would be the first place to find it. Usually, new releases are not free, but you can try their 30-day trial to get it for free. If you have a Kindle, Audible allows you to sync your audiobook narration reading progress on a Kindle. What’s more, you can get two Audible original stories every month with a subscription, Audible allows members to download for free and you can keep the audiobooks forever. However, the free trial only allows two downloads, so make your decision wisely.

If you don’t like Audible plans after trying the free trial, cancel it before the trial ends. Even without the subscription, there are free audiobooks you can download from Audible.


Like Audible, Spotify is not a completely free audiobook website, but there are many free audiobooks on Spotify which we think is a good site to share. Like Audible, some audiobooks are only available after purchase, and some audiobooks are free to listen to, but if you’re a music fan or a podcast listener, Spotify would be a good choice.

How to get free audiobooks on Spotify? It’s super easy to find! The first thing to know, podcasts are always free. There are many channels on Spotify that are classed as a podcast, the content in the podcasts are reading a book like an audiobook. Try searching for titles you want within these podcast channels, and you can listen to free audiobooks.

Note: You have to pay for some audiobooks even if you already pay for a premium membership.

That’s where to find free audiobooks, if you have other trustable free audiobook websites, you’re welcome to share them in the comment section.

By Iris Zheng

Iris is a writer who covers almost everything from beauty to technology, fitness, home decoration and etc. No matter what she wrote, she always brings true and useful information for readers.

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