Up to 30% Off Airbnb coupons – February 2021

Airbnb is the best travel resource for most of us. It’s convenient, and it allows you to customize your vacation to fit your needs and budget.

If you’re a frequent traveler who is always moving from one Airbnb rental to the next, you don’t want to miss Airbnb discount offers. After reading this, you’ll know how to get them and save big on your next trip.

4 ways to get Airbnb discounts

  1. Get sign-up discounts
  2. Ask the host for a special discount
  3. Get a coupon code from coupon websites
  4. Refer friends and get $11 off discount

Method 1 – Get sign-up discounts

After creating a new Airbnb account, you are entitled to $40 off your first reservation (and $14 off an experience). This discount is only for new users. so if you already an Airbnb member, you can’t log in with your current Airbnb info and get the discount. Instead, you can ask your friend, spouse or partner to register Airbnb and receive the full discount.

Method 2 – Ask the host for a special discount

Asking the host for a unique discount is a common practice and it frequently works. Most hosts have no problem with giving a reasonable discount for a last-minute booking if their property is free. But before you reach out to the host, it’s important to keep in mind that this should only be done with tact and respect.

To do this, on Airbnb.com, click Contact host below the rental property description. Introduce yourself to the host and ask politely for a discount.

Method 3 – Get a coupon code from coupon websites

While Airbnb will promote coupon codes on their site to encourage purchases, these are not the best deals. The top money-saving codes are always those you find online.

You can run a quick Google search to see if there are any coupon offers available. Or, if you don’t want to scour for the code, go straight to DE Coupons for the best Airbnb coupons and deals.

Method 4 – Refer friends and get $11 off discount

You can earn Airbnb credit for referring your friends who aren’t on Airbnb yet. Your friends will get $78 off their first order, and you’ll get up to $11 off your next reservation.

To do this, click Invite Friends under your account menu to start referring your friends.

Hope this post helped! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Ellie Zhuang

Content crafter at Super Easy. Ellie is a foodie at heart who also happens to be an extreme couponer. She enjoys discovering new and helpful coupon tips and tricks. In addition to writing for Super Easy, she also posts technical guides, tips, and how-tos at Driver Easy.

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