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How to Find Your Crush’s Social Media (2024)

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How to Find Your Crush’s Social Media (2024)

We all may experience this: you fell for someone but just don’t have the courage to confide your infatuation to them whatsoever. It’s OK to feel shy, and it’s totally reasonable if you want to know someone better before rushing into a serious relationship. And nowadays, there’s no better way to learn about a person than through their public social media profiles.

In this post we’ll introduce you to 7 effective ways to search for your crush’s social media profiles, anonymously and 100% legit.

Method 1: Search the name on Google

If you already know your crush’s name, you may want to try your luck first on a free search engine like Google.

Just type in your crush’s name in the search box and press Enter, then you can browse through the list of results to see if Google forwards to you any social media information about your target person.

But take it in mind that Google indexes all kinds of data on the internet, including the outdated ones and the trash pieces from scammers and catfishers. So you may need to take some time to double check the information you got. Or you can save your time with the professional service in the following methods.

Method 2: Use the name search service

If you feel that free search engines are too tedious to use and can’t guarantee the accuracy, you won’t want to miss the social media finders which are more targeted in this specific area. They search specifically the social media profiles that’re related to the name and filter all other unrelated information.

1. BeenVerified

When it comes to the name search for social media traces, you can’t miss the famous people search service BeenVerified. With a vast database of 50+ social media platforms, you can uncover all about your crush at ease: their active social media accounts, phone number, photos and even secret dating profiles.

1) Go to the name lookup page of BeenVerified.

2) Type in your crush’s name and click Search Now.

3) Wait patiently for BeenVerified to run the search and cross-reference. Then you’ll get a report on the related social media profiles and more, like their public records and phone number.

2. PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is one of the best reverse name search engines for social media investigation. Just type in a name and it’ll comb through tons of data from social media networks and find you the matched profiles. Alongside comes also the information of their phone number, addresses of home and at work, and even hidden dating profiles and pictures.

1) Go to the people search site of PeopleLooker.

2) Enter the name and click Search.

3) Wait for just a while and PeopleLooker will present you an organized report with information associated with your crush’s name. Browse through to check on their online profiles and all other details.

Method 3: Reverse look up the phone number

We can meet our crush under all possible circumstances. If you have their phone number already, the easiest way to search for their social media accounts is to do a reverse phone number lookup with people search tools.


If you need to search for someone’s online profiles through their contact information, you may want to give Intelius a try. Deeply involved in the people search area, Intelius features quick searches and reports containing available public record information and online sources, including over 50+ social media networks. In addition to the most used social media accounts, you may also discover your crush’s possible dating profiles and associated photos.

1) Open the phone number search page of Intelius.

2) Enter your crush’s phone number and click Search Now.

3) In just minutes you can get a detailed report on your crush. After purchasing a membership plan, select Social on the left column from within the report to view the available social media accounts and profiles associated with them. And you may discover other details about the person from the additional public record information provided in the report.

Method 4: Run a reverse image search

With just a photo in hand and have no clues where to start to find the person you’re captivated by? Well, there’s a strong search engine that allows you to start right with that photo!

Social Catfish brands itself as one of the leading products in tracking social media networks of people. The service is based on the abundant and correlated information out of 120+ social media platforms, allowing you to reveal and follow a person’s digital life stories through their active social media accounts, possible dating profiles and other associated photos.

1) Open the reverse image search page of Social Catfish.

2) Upload your prepared photo and click Search.

3) Wait patiently until the report loads to 100%. Select the profile that matches the photo most and unlock their social media accounts and details of contact info.

Method 5: Trace the email

It’s possible that you get to know your crush over work. In that case, if you’ve tried a phone number lookup and are not satisfied with the results, you could always try searching by their email address instead.

When it comes to cross-referencing public records and online contact info, you won’t want to miss the powerful social media finder TruthFinder. It searches millions of public records sources to find you the matching person and the available information related to their email address, including their possible online social media profiles and profiles on dating sites, as well as other possible contact info like phone number and location history and so on, if available.

1) Open the TruthFinder official website, scroll down to the bottom and select Reverse Email Lookup.

2) Enter the email address and click SEARCH.

3) Wait a while for TruthFinder to comb through its public record sources. Purchase a membership plan and then review the comprehensive report, allowing you to look into your crush’s available social media profiles and other public record information that you might be interested in.

Method 6: Check the followers of your mutual friends

Nowadays people connect to each other so tightly like no one can imagine before. Think hard and you may find one or a few mutual friends of you and your crush. Most social media platforms allow you to see all the connections of a certain user, especially when you two are connected and verified as friends.

Look closely into the followings and followers of that mutual friend on the apps you both use. Pick out the ones that might hint as your crush and dig deep into their accounts and posts. Luckily you could find the traces of your crush.

Method 7: Sync your contact list on social apps

Most social apps have a built-in feature called contact syncing. It allows the app to grab the information from your contact list on your device and find you the matching accounts on the platform. It saves you the effort to ask your friends in real life for their usernames separately.

If your crush already lies in your contact list, just give this feature a try. Normally you can find the feature in the settings. Let’s take Instagram for example and see how it works:

  1. Open Instagram and click your profile on the bottom right.
  2. Tap on the three lines icon on top right of the screen, and click Settings.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Click Contacts syncing.
  5. Switch on the button.
  6. Click “OK” to give Instagram permission to access the contact information on your device.

It could be really tedious if you try to collect information and sort out the useful ones according to very few clues. And the reason we want to acquire the social media of our crush, is that we want to know more aspects of them. People search tools like BeenVerified and PeopleLooker may be the most efficient and anonymous way to search for their information beyond just social media accounts and sites, once for good. Hopefully when you get to know them better, you’ll be more sure of your heart.

Stalking or spying on someone with people search tools is illegal. We offer you effective ways to check on someone for helping you make better decisions and keep yourself safe. Don’t use them for malicious purposes.

All product names, logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

exclamation-blueThere’s no guarantee you’ll find the information you’re looking for with the tools discussed in this article. They all source their information from publicly available data sources, such as county, state and federal courts, government departments, and police records, and those sources may contain incorrect or incomplete data. It’s illegal to use these tools to make decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Read the Fair Credit Reporting Act to learn more....

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Chantel Huang

English Technical Writer

As one of Super Easy’s English writers, Chantel likes to bring her life philosophy to the page. For her, life is all about exploring and sharing. And what reflects that attitude is her rich and vast life experiences and skills which bring great value to our readers. She's experienced in social media publishing and traveling. She’s in her twenties and has set her foot in 20+ countries across Europe, Asia and Af [...]

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