How to Find Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn aggregates people’s basic professional history and contact information in one place and is, therefore, a good place to start your search when you need to track down someone online.

Here in this guide, we’ll show you how to perform a LinkedIn search to bring up someone’s profile and check information tied to the individual, such as the phone number, email address, and business contact resources.

1. Search LinkedIn by names

If you’re ready to find a specific person on LinkedIn by name, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Type the person’s name into the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Click People to see only results of people. You can also click All filters to use Advanced searches to narrow down the results.
    If you know the company where the person used to work or the approximate location of the person, using them would be a big help!

2. Search LinkedIn by email address

While LinkedIn name search is a straightforward process, you might hit thousands of results using the feature because many people share the same name! Luckily, no one uses the same email address. So if you know the person’s email address, it would be super easy to bring up the person’s LinkedIn profile.

Though LinkedIn doesn’t make this easy, it is doable to pull up someone’s LinkedIn profile using the person’s email address. We’re going to show you how to do it.

To proceed you would need a Microsoft Outlook account and a LinkedIn Account – both registered with the same email.

  1. Go to Outlook and log into your account.
  2. Click the People icon on the left, then click New contact.
  3. Fill in the First Name and the Email address whose profile you’re looking for, then click Create.
  4. Go back to your Contact page and click the contact you just created. Click LinkedIn and log in to your account to connect your Microsoft Outlook account to your Microsoft LinkedIn account.
  5. Back to Outlook and you can see the LinkedIn profile of the email address you were searching for! Click See full profile on LinkedIn button to view it on LinkedIn.

If there’s no profile, it means no LinkedIn account is linked to that email address. Read on and see how you can find someone’s LinkedIn profile when you know their school or workplace.

3. Search LinkedIn by School, Workplace…

If you know where the person you’re searching for has worked or studied, just search the place to see if you can find any luck there. This will lead you to the School or Company page where you can scroll down the list and see if you’re able to track down the person.

For example, if you’re looking for alumni, you can go to LinkedIn and search for the college or university. Click the School page of the college where you will find the See alumni button. Click on it and you’ll be able to view alumni profiles.

4. Use People Search Engine to Get a Background Report

It can be really time-consuming and confusing to find people on the internet, especially when you only know very little information about them.

If you don’t have time to go through all the troubles bouncing from one site to another but you still want someone’s contact information, social media profiles, and professional history, your best bet is using people search engines.

People search sites provide the easiest way to track down anyone online by name, email address, physical address, or even just social media name, and they generally provide a detailed background report of the person.

After our extensive test, here’s a list of our favorite people search engines. They are easy to use and fast, and – most importantly – they provide the most updated and accurate results.


BeenVerified is one of the most powerful people finders on the market, known for its comprehensive database and updated information. It provides background checks using just a name, phone number, address, email address, social media, and VIN number.

You can use both the BeenVerified website and its app – which is available for both iOS and Android devices to find the information you need.

1. Go to BeenVerified.

2. Select what information you have about the person, then type it into the search bar and click Search.

We’ll use the name lookup feature for this tutorial, but BeenVerified also provides many other ways to search for people – you can search by address, email address, social media username, vehicle identification number (VIN), and more.

3. BeenVerified will return background reports associated with the piece of information you entered. You can use the advanced filter on the right panel to narrow down your search.

4. Click the report you want to view. Each report will include contact information, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, criminal records, and more.

Note that BeenVerified is a subscription-based service, so you need a membership to access the report. If you’re not a member yet, the good news is BeenVerified is now offering a 7-day trial membership, which only costs $1!


Spokeo gathers all available information from public sources and stores them in one database. It provides an easy way to confidentially look up information about the person you want to track down.

1) Go to Spokeo.

2) Select what information you have about the person, then type it into the search bar and click Search.

3) You’ll be able to pull up a detailed report of the owner.

PeopleFinders is a leading Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that has one of the most comprehensive collections of public records data available.

1) Go to PeopleFinders.

2) 2. Select what information you have about the person, then type it into the search bar and click Search.

3) PeopleFinders will generate a report that matches the information you entered.


If you need someone’s contact information, searching on LinkedIn might be a great way to pull up the information. You can use a name, email address, or just search a school or workplace to see if you can track the person you’re looking for. If your searches don’t give you much information, then try using a people search engine like BeenVerified to get a detailed background report on the individual.

Hopefully, this post helped. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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