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How to Find & Meet Singles on Instagram (2024)

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How to Find & Meet Singles on Instagram (2024)

Tired of dealing with the ill-intended and unmatched people on dating apps? Maybe you should consider finding your love on Instagram. As one of the most popular apps among young people to share fine pictures and fun life stories, you can meet users here mostly with genuine profiles and well-rounded information about them.

But how to find singles on Instagram specifically? How to check if they’re single? And how do we increase our chips to win a perfect date over? We’ll show you the step-by-step tricks to help you meet and date singles on Instagram.

Step 1: Find singles on Instagram

There’s no such icon hanging in the profile indicating a user’s love status. So you have to search for the singles by yourself. Luckily not just you are trying to find a partner on Instagram. And there are useful features that can help you find the single users specifically.

Trick 1: Hashtags

The first step you could take is to search related hashtags in the search bar. A hashtag is a combination of texts and emojis preceded by the symbol #. It converges content on Instagram that contains the same topic. People with the same interests or intentions can add one or a few hashtags to their posts so that their content would be found under these topics.

Hashtags that lead you to the party of singles are recommended as follows:

#single20.3 M
#singles1.4 M
#singlegirl1.2 M
#singleboy360 K
#singlelady325 K
#singlewoman194 K
#singleman190 K
#singlelifeproblems328 K
#singleparent762 K
#teamsingle450 K
#dating5.6 M
To add on your chance of finding a matched partner, you may also search for hashtags associated with your own interests and hobbies, or qualities that you look forward to seeing in your future partner.

Trick 2: Search by location

It’s most likely that you hope to find a partner that’s near you. Besides, you’re probably familiar with the places around you that serve for single people and are good for romantic encounters, like single’s clubs, night houses, etc. Then we can narrow down the scope of our potential targets in the first place by searching the location directly.

1) Type in your location in the search bar and click .

2) Click Places and choose the one you’re looking for.

3) Browse the map to find posts and stories you like.

Step 2: Check the Instagram user’s love status

The quick way to get the answer is to ask the user directly. And you may acquire clues from their posts and profile to determine if they’re single. But too many factors can affect the reliability of these methods. Maybe you’re not ready yet to show your intention and don’t feel like asking them. Maybe he or she is just a pretender that brands themselves as a single person on Instagram, etc.

To rule out the risks, maybe you should consider using a professional service to do a background check on the Instagram user.

IG Single Finder


Enter the IG username to trace their dating profiles & records.

Trick 1. Reverse lookup username on BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the most used social media user checkers. It combs through 50+ social media networks and millions of public records to collect personal information of your target. You may reveal their hidden dating profiles and secret photos online in just minutes. These should help you determine if the Instagram user is honest.

1) Go to the username search page of BeenVerified.

2) Enter the Instagram username and click Search Now.

3) Wait until BeenVerified finishes searching in its huge database and present you the report. In it you can find not just other social media accounts of the user, but also the public records of the owner behind, like their real name, phone number and address.

Trick 2. Run an image search with Social Catfish

social catfish

If BeenVerified doesn’t give you luck, try Social Catfish instead. It is especially renowned for tracking people in the world of social media. The enormous database of over 120 social media platforms enables you to uncover more digital footprints of the user on hidden dating apps, covert photo preservers and so on.

1) Open the reverse image search page of Social Catfish.

2) Upload the photo you picked from the Instagram user and click Search.

3) It takes Social Catfish just a while to load the report for you. Select the profile of your target out of the result list according to their Instagram account. Now you can check on all Websites where their digital traces left, and open the Usernames to directly go for the possible dating apps they use.

Social Catfish allows you to search in multiple ways. If you’re not into an image search, you can still try its username serach service.

social catfishIG Single Checker

Enter the IG username to find their dating profiles & records.

Step 3: Perfect your own Instagram profile

When we search on Instagram for our future partner, we are likely attracted to users with a thorough and upright profile claiming they’re single, who post actively and show a good taste in everyday life. And it’s the same logic other people would adopt to examine us if they intend to establish a relationship on Instagram.

So what could we do to increase our chance of dating someone successfully on Instagram?

Trick 1: Make your profile public

If you leave your Instagram profile private, potential singles won’t even have the opportunity to find you. So make sure to check on your profile status.

1) Open your profile, tap on the three lines icon upper right and select Settings.

2) Go to Privacy.

3) Switch off the button of Private Account.

Trick 2: Choose the right profile picture

Instagram users are “visual animals”. Choose one photo of you that shows your face clearly and speaks for your personality or your biggest hobby. But no matter which style you present, make sure you look tidy and neat in the photo.

A little tip to take away: add more light to the picture and adjust the contrast of colors to a higher level at the same time. Your photo will look cleaner and yet still leave people a strong impression.

Trick 3: Use Stories and Reels

While good photos can catch people’s eyes and attention, videos convey way more information in the same amount of time that no pictures can compare. Besides, we as humans have the cognitive preference for dynamic faces instead of the still ones. And usually when a face is vividly moving, we’d say it’s prettier.

So if you want to establish yourself in a way that’s more charming and attractive, you’d like to show your life and your hobbies through videos. That’s when Stories and Reels can help.

Stories and Reels are both features for posting videos on Instagram. With Stories you put up pictures or short videos in your profile, showing your current state and mood, and they disappear after 24 hours. With Reels you can make videos and upload them as normal image posts, and they just stay there in your profile like other posts, too.

Trick 4: Tag yourself as single

Last but not least, tag yourself single anywhere obvious. The most important place is of course your bio, shown right under your profile photo. Introduce yourself in the bio like you would swipe right to on a dating app, and in a way you believe to show your character and your single status.

And always use hashtags in your posts so that your content would be indexed in those topics, under which singles gather and are more likely looking for a potential partner.

Moreover, you need to check through your past posts to see if any content has been “outdated” – no longer in line with the single image you’re showing now for your potential date on Instagram. Just delete the nonproper ones.

Hopefully you can meet a perfect match on Instagram. But whenever you feel dubious about the user you’re seeing, try Social Catfish or BeenVerified to do a thorough background check on them, and guarantee yourself a genuine love life.

exclamation-blueThere’s no guarantee you’ll find the information you’re looking for with the tools discussed in this article. They all source their information from publicly available data sources, such as county, state and federal courts, government departments, and police records, and those sources may contain incorrect or incomplete data. It’s illegal to use these tools to make decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Read the Fair Credit Reporting Act to learn more....

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Chantel Huang

English Technical Writer

As one of Super Easy’s English writers, Chantel likes to bring her life philosophy to the page. For her, life is all about exploring and sharing. And what reflects that attitude is her rich and vast life experiences and skills which bring great value to our readers. She's experienced in social media publishing and traveling. She’s in her twenties and has set her foot in 20+ countries across Europe, Asia and Af [...]

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