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Who Are They Calling | How to find out

Reverse Phone Lookup

Find out who they are calling!

There are situations when we get suspicious or concerned about our significant other and children. Because they become quite secretive about their phone use and hide their phone screen from you. That will make you wonder – who are they calling or texting? How to know more about that mystery person? Don’t worry. We’ll help you uncover it in this post.

Methods to find out who they are calling or texting

There are various tools and apps to uncover who your child or partner is calling/ texting. But first, you would need to know that phone number. There would be some chances that you can get hold of their phone without their notice. Till then, you can check the call history.

Once you get that mystery person’s phone number, try the methods below to access more information about that person.

When it comes to searching for something, Google should be your first thought. Simply enter the phone number into the search field and press Enter. Results would appear in the search pages. However, you can’t expect too much from this. Chances are, you’re presented with myriads of results and you need to identify which is the one you’re looking for. Time-consuming and nerve-racking unless you also know the name, educational background, etc. of that person.

Method 2: Do a reverse phone lookup

As mentioned above, the information you can gather is quite limited if you search online on your own. Besides, you cannot have high hopes for this. In this case, you should use some people search engines to do a reverse phone lookup in order to acquire the information you need. Those are paid services but definitely worth the money.

Option 1: Do a reverse phone lookup from BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the top people search engines that help people find more info on the person within minutes by adding names, emails, phone numbers, etc. in the search bar.

When you have the phone number of that mystery person, do a reverse phone lookup and you’ll learn the following information:

BeenVerified reverse phone lookup

To do a reverse phone lookup on BeenVerified, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to BeenVerified’s search page.
  2. Select Phone Lookup. Enter the phone number and click Search. Then it will start generating your report.

    reverse phone lookup beenverified
  3. Your report may look like this.

    search results beenverified

Option 2: Do a reverse phone lookup from Spokeo

Similar to BeenVerified, Spokeo can also let you do a reverse phone lookup.

  1. Sign up and select a membership plan.
  2. Navigate to the Spokeo reverse phone lookup page.
  3. Enter the phone number and click SEARCH NOW. Then it will start generating the report.

    reverse phone lookup spokeo
  4. Your report may look like this.

    search results spokeo

If neither BeenVerified nor Spokeo is your go-to option, you can give PeopleFinders a try.

By Sammi Liu

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