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How to find out who owns a property


Enter the address to find out who owns the property.

The reason to search for a property owner is various, if you’re wondering who owns that property, this post is here to help. You don’t need to search hard on the property that’s already on the market, but if you are trying to search for the owner of an abandoned house, it may take some effort and maybe some detective work.
Don’t worry, follow the methods below and you can learn who owns that property step-by-step.

Property Search Engine is one of the easiest ways to search the owner of the property and BeenVerified is a powerful property search engine in the market. You could uncover property details, property owner information, and deeds by entering the address you wish to search. The information in BeenVerified reports comes from aggregated public records and publicly available data. So you don’t need to dig on the internet for hours to search for related information. Although it’s a paid service it’s not expensive. You can avail of a 7-day trial for $1.

1) Go to BeenVerified.

2) Enter the address and click Search.

3) Wait for BeenVerified to generate the report. Try a $1 trial to unlock the report.

In the BeenVerified property report, you will locate the owner of a property, the owner’s contact information. It may also contain sales data, mortgage history timeline, tax assessments, deed data, and more.

Have you heard about Spokeo? The famous reverse address search engine in the United States. It has a huge database that contains billions of public records from government and non-government sources. Unlike other property search engines, Spokeo can help you distinguish between a property owner and a resident and even help you sort out previous from current residents on applicable address profiles.

1) Go to Spokeo.

2) Enter the target address in the search box and click SEARCH NOW.

3) Once Spokeo finds a match, click UNLOCK ADDRESS.

4) You’ll see the resident/owner details in the report.

Method 3: Contact the county clerk

In America, the county clerk or county recorder should also know who owns a property. The county clerk is responsible for filing vital records, or important documents related to a specific county’s population, including birth, death and marriage certificates.

Take California as an example, as long as you know the property’s location and county, you get the information about the owner for free from a county clerk. They may charge you for the printing service, but it won’t cost you much.

Some counties may have public records online directory, you can find general information online.

Method 4: Contact the county tax assessor

If your county doesn’t have a clerk’s office or you couldn’t find the county clerk, you can check with the town’s tax assessor. Through the property tax records, you can find out who owns the property.

If the owner is delinquent on their taxes, the county may sell it at a public auction. With the address of the property, you can search the record on the county’s website. The records will include the name and contact information of the property owner.

But not every county puts data online, you may have to go to the tax assessor’s office and search paper records.

Method 5: Search the address on social media

I won’t suggest you put a lot of effort and time into searching the address on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But you can give it a try in your spare time because it’s totally free and simple. Nowadays, people leave footprints on all kinds of social media platforms, they may accidentally reveal their location when they post pics or videos. If you’re lucky, the results may surprise you.


You can find out who owns a property in several ways. With time and effort, sometimes a little luck, you may find the property owner for free. With a little cost, you can locate the owner quickly and easily. You can choose the one that suits you most.

That’s all about how to find out who owns a property, hope this post helps. If you have further questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

By Iris Zheng

Iris is a writer who covers almost everything from beauty to technology, fitness, home decoration and etc. No matter what she wrote, she always brings true and useful information for readers.

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