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How to Find out a Prank Caller | Reverse Prank Call Lookup

Reverse Prank Call Lookup

Uncover Prank Callers’ Name, Address & More!

Receiving prank calls from friends or strangers is quite a common occurrence in our lives. However, if your phone was bombarded with repeated prank calls that didn’t seem to end, that crosses the fine line and becomes harassment. To stop it, you need to get additional information on the number’s owner and let them know you’re not to be messed with.

But finding out who’s the chronic prank caller seems to be difficult, since they usually mask their caller ID or use VOIP numbers to send you prank-dials. If you don’t feel like spending money hiring a private investigator or going to the police for this “minor issue”, you can try the more accessible methods described below.

What if the prank caller ID is hidden?
You can try to get the phone number by dialing *69 on your phone or #69 on a landline. Also, you can contact your telephone provider or check the phone bill to find out who prank called you.

Method 1 – Try a reverse phone directory

There are numerous reverse phone directories available online. You may simply find them by searching for reverse phone directories in your browser. Some of these reverse phone directories are free, while others demand a fee, depending on the size of the database and the dependability of the data.

You may always start with the free phone directories before moving on to the expensive ones. If you successfully locate the number in one of the phone directories, you will know the basic identity of the caller, usually including only their name and location.

Method 2 – Reverse the number with people search engines

If you want to have more information about the prank caller, using people search engines would be an faster and more effective option.

Professional people search engines have a large phone directory at their disposal, which they can use to assist you in gathering details such as the prankster’s name, age, email, history addresses, possible relatives, photo, social media profiles and more when available.

Here are some trustworthy options you can try:


Intelius should be your go-to option for reverse phone lookup. It boasts a comprehensive data engine which contains millions of phone records scoured from online and offline sources. By just entering a phone number, you may find out who is making those unwanted calls.

  1. Go to the Intelius search page.
  2. Enter the prank call number and click Search.
  3. Await the results of Intelius’ phone database search. When it finds a match, it will provide a confidential report that could reveal all the information you might need to know about the owner.


BeenVerified is also an effective reverse phone lookup tool. It can hunt up mystery numbers even if they are unpublished or unlisted for its ability to search billions of data points. In just two steps, you can know who’s the caller behind those prank dials.

  1. Head to the BeenVerified search page.
  2. Type in a phone number and click SEARCH.
  3. The detailed report will take a few moments to complete. After that, you can look over all of the available information about the callers.


PeopleLooker is a popular, user-friendly phone number search tool that might help you in tracing a prank call. It can provide you with a thorough people search on pranksters as well as a search process that is quick, legit, and 100% confidential.

  1. Go to the PeopleLooker Official Website.
  2. Input the phone number, then hit Search.
  3. Wait while PeopleLooker collects data and records that match your search. You can browse each profile by selecting different names if there are several potential phone owners.

Method 3 – Search the number on Google & social media

There is a lot of mixed information about everything on Google and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Simply enter the number of the prank call you’re tracking and see what comes up – you might find something related to a real user. This is a way that doesn’t you cost a penny, however you may need some luck to find the owner of the number.

So that’s all! Hopefully the post helped you grasp enough info about the prank caller and get out of your prank calling trouble. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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