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A vehicle can be identified through license plate number and VIN number. The two numbers are essential information that can be used to gather data found on vehicle documents. Therefore, you are able to find the information you need if you have one of the numbers, for example, finding the license plate number if you have the VIN number.

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How to find your VIN

VIN number is a vehicle identification number, which is a unique identifier on every car. 17 letters and numbers together make up a VIN number that gives information and locates a specific car so that you can find the license plate attached to the vehicle.

The car’s VIN number is usually located on the driver’s side dashboard, the lower-left corner of the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel. The best way to see it is to look through the windshield from outside the car. 

Method 1 – Go to your local DMV

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database stores all information that is related to a vehicle. You can use VIN numbers to search for the specific car and get the accurate license plate number.

Go to DMV’s official website the state, and type the VIN number on the search bar. The website will return the result. But this service comes with a fee and not every region has an official DMV website. So you’d better go to the office with a valid photo ID.

You may need to explain to the officer why you need to search for the license plate of the car, they might ask you several questions, ask for a valid photo ID, your date of birth, and more.

You can get an accurate answer from DMV, but if you don’t want to be “interrogated”, you can try other methods below.

Method 2 – Search VIN number on BeenVerified

BeenVerified is one of the best professional people search engines. It allows users to use VIN numbers to search for all-related information about the car. Back up by billions of real-sourced data, both from governments and the public, BeenVerified has the ability to offer users detailed reports about things you’re looking for. What’s more, by running a VIN number lookup, you will not only get important details including the history of a vehicle but also access its powerful name search and phone lookup

1) Visit the BeenVerified vehicle search page.

2) Enter a VIN number + State to search.

3) You can find the previous owner in the Owner Details. Then you can search this person on BeenVerified to get more helpful information.

Method 3 – Find license plate with Bumper

Bumper is one of the best vehicle search websites to help you gather important information about a vehicle. Bumper provides a report containing the vehicle’s accident history, salvage, theft records, branded titles, standard equipment, manufacturer recalls, equipment and trim specifications, sale history, market value, ownership costs and much more details.

1) Go to Bumper.

2) Enter the VIN Number and click SEARCH.

bumper VIN

3) Bumper will search on its database and give you a report that contains the information you need.

What else can you do

  • Find your vehicle registration.
    The license plate number is usually on the back of your automobile registration under “Plate Type”.
  • Find your insurance card.
    If you’ve bought car insurance, you can go to the website and search for the insurance card. It contains all of your personal information and car information including your license plate number.
  • Go to the mechanic store.
    If your car has been repaired, find the mechanic store, they usually took records on the car and they may have the records of the car’s license plate.

Final words:

You need to request a replacement license plate if you lost your license plate. You’re not allowed to drive a car without it. And report to the police officer immediately when your car has been stolen. In some cases, your vehicle could have been towed or repossessed if you parked in a wrong place or if you owe on it.

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