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How to Find Email Associated with Google Voice Number


Reverse Google Voice Number Lookup

Get Owner’s Name, Email Address & More!

Many people use a VoIP number these days and Google Voice is one of the most popular services. If you need to find out the email address associated with a Google Voice number, this post is here to help. It may take some effort to look up a VoIP number but it’s not impossible. Read on and learn how!

Look up email by Google Voice number

Searching the email address that a Google Voice number is registered to is not as easy. When you’re looking up a regular mobile or landline number, you’re more likely to find at least a name with simple research. If you’re not familiar with Google Voice, it’s a virtual number linked to a Gmail account. Users can make or receive calls as long as the internet is accessible. It doesn’t require a SIM card, and only Google knows who’s the owner.

You may wonder how you can reverse lookup a Google Voice number by now. In short, the number is technically untraceable. People who would use a VoIP number may never post his or her number online publicly in the first place. Also, if the number is never used to sign up for websites or services, it’s almost impossible to find.

That also said, if a Google Voice number is linked to any social media account or has been posted on the Internet, then it becomes traceable.

To look up a Google Voice number and find the email address associated with it, we recommend using professional phone lookup tools.

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is an all-around service in the field of people search. It specializes in phone lookup and tracking digital footprint. With a large database containing millions of phone records, you can search for the owner information of a Google Voice number on BeenVerified. The profile may include name, email, other contact info, associated social media accounts, etc.

You can simply use the search box below:

If you have any additional information to add to the search, you can perform the search on BeenVerified will search its database, find the available information and generate a detailed report for you.

2. Spokeo

If BeenVerified didn’t give you luck, you can try Spokeo. It’s another powerful reverse phone lookup tool. Although most people search engines obtain their data from public records, they may differ in how they process the data. Therefore, they can yield different results. By running a reverse phone lookup with Spokeo, you may find the email associated with the Google Voice number you’re looking up.

  1. Go to Spokeo reverse phone lookup page and search the Google Voice number you want to look up.
  2. Spokeo will pull the data and find the available information for you. You’ll need to pay a one-time fee to view the report details which also comes with a membership trial. Within the period of trial, you can run multiple searches.

I forgot my email, how do I find it?

If you have multiple gmail accounts and can’t find the one associated with your Google Voice number, simply follow the instructions on the Google Voice help page.


If you need to look up the gmail connected to a Google Voice number, professional tools like BeenVerified come most handy. But if you’re getting unwanted calls or texts from an unknown Google Voice number, it may not be the best idea to research the owner. Simply blocking the number or seeking legal assistance, if you feel unsafe, may be more helpful.


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