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How to Find a Current Address for Someone (2024)

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How to Find a Current Address for Someone (2024)

There can be many instances in our lives when we really need to get someone’s address. One user on the MSE Forum faced this situation after a brief encounter with an old high school friend. The friend had written down their contact details on a napkin, which was unfortunately destroyed in a downpour. Unable to retrieve the friend’s address through any other means, the user turned to online users for assistance1. In another instance, a CityData user was trying to locate an ex-roommate who recently moved out but still has unpaid debts2.

We know that the process of finding someone’s address can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are various online resources that might help you in this endeavor. This post will walk you through how to search for someone’s address with the best online tools.

1. TruthFinder

If all you know about the person is a name, email address, or phone number, then your best bet is to search with a dedicated reverse lookup tool like TruthFinder. TruthFinder sources millions of detailed public records from federal, state, and local government agencies, and across the web to find people related information.

To see if you can find someone’s address, enter the name of the person you’re trying to find, and TruthFinder will search through millions of public records and present you with a report on that person. The report can be purchased for $28.05 per month and includes address history, contact information, and more!

Once you’ve purchased a membership, log into the account and perform a search there. The address information will be available under the LOCATION tab of the report. Note that below is a TruthFinder sample report, the actual report may contain less or more information.

Sample Report

2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is designed specifically for people searches. It provides an address lookup that allows you to search for address information by name, phone number, email address, or even a social media username.

If you prefer to search by other information you know about the person (e.g. email address, VIN, social media username ), just head to BeenVerified and perform your search on the site.

Apart from the address, you might also score a background report on whoever you’re searching for, which may include the person’s full name, age, social media profiles, professional history, court records, sex offender information, and many more when available.

3. Spokeo

Another powerful people search tool is Spokeo. Spokeo gathers all available information from public sources and stores them in one database, providing an easy way to confidentially look up people’s information.

Step 1: Go to Spokeo.

Step 2: Choose the type of search you want and search the information with it.

If Spokeo finds any information associated with the phone number, it will compile them all in one report. To access the final search report, you need to purchase a membership. Spokeo has three payment tiers:

  • 1-Month Membership – $19.95 per month
  • 3-Month Membership – $14.95 per month
  • Professional – $69.95 per month

The Professional plan is mainly offered for those conducting more than 100 searches every month.

4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a leading data service provider. It has one of the most comprehensive collections of public records data, allowing you to track anyone online.

To look up someone’s address information, just go to PeopleFinders, select the type of search you want, then type the information in the search field, and click Search. The tool will then scour its database, compiling as much information as possible about the person in seconds.

Unlike most reverse lookup tools, PeopleFinders will give you a few details of the search result for free, such as the person’s age, family members, and the first few digits of his/her phone number. If you want the full background report, you’ll need to pay for the membership.

5. Hire a Professional Investigator

If you’re serious about learning as much as possible about the person, and you want guaranteed results, you can pay for a Social Catfish Specialty Service. The people search experts at Social Catfish will do all the hard work for you, using the same tools that the FBI uses. And they guarantee they’ll find the person.

6. Ask Around

If you’re looking for an old friend who drifted apart, try reaching out to people that you both knew in common – a mutual friend, the person’s family members, or business associates who might know the person’s whereabouts. As illustrated in a Facebook post, a user successfully reconnected with a lost childhood friend by reaching out to their Facebook friends3. Your personal connections can often offer more relevant and accurate information when searching for people.

When contacting mutual connections, having a notebook handy is also helpful for keeping track of information about the person you are trying to find. It is likely that you will need multiple sources to gather enough information, so keeping all the information logged in one place is important. This increases your chances of successfully tracking down the person.

7. Search on Google

There is a lot of information floating around on the internet. If the person has ever posted his/her contact info on a personal blog, social media, or any forum, Google is very likely to pick up the web page. So if you haven’t already tried Googling the person, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Just type the person’s name, phone number, college, workplace, and any other useful information along with address into the search bar to see what comes up.

If you search for the person by name, you might want to put quotation marks around the person’s name. This will tell Google that you’re only looking for exact matches.

If the person is not active online, or your Google search doesn’t reveal valuable information, you might as well try Bing or any other search engine to see if you can bring up more results. Search results from different search engines vary and the more information you have about that person, the easier for you to find the address.

8. Try Social Media

When it comes to searching for people online, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. can also be useful resources.

Many people share their contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers on social media, so it’s also worth it to open social media and see if you can find any information about the person.

Though it’s rare that you’ll find a post containing the person’s address, you might end up getting a link to the person’s profile page, from where you can send a private message and ask the person for the address directly.

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exclamation-blueThere’s no guarantee you’ll find the information you’re looking for with the tools discussed in this article. They all source their information from publicly available data sources, such as county, state and federal courts, government departments, and police records, and those sources may contain incorrect or incomplete data. It’s illegal to use these tools to make decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Read the Fair Credit Reporting Act to learn more....

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Ellie has been writing about technology since 2019. Her early passion for adventure novels, games, and videos fueled a deep curiosity for solving real-world puzzles. Writing gives her a chance to nourish this curiosity, allowing her to delve deep into the vast depths of the internet, emerging with treasure troves of information and then sharing her findings with people who need the information to solve their ever [...]

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