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7 Ways to Convert Vimeo to MP4 | Without App & Totally Free

7 Ways to Convert Vimeo to MP4 | Without App & Totally Free

We all know YouTube is the king of online videos. However, if you’re seeking great quality content, Vimeo is the way to go, where you’ll be inspired by the community of film professionals and enthusiasts. You must have already known how to download YouTube videos, but you may not know how to convert Vimeo to an MP4 file. You can save Vimeo to MP4 the best way if you know which one suits you the best.

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1. RipSave: The Best Site

RipSave is another simple converter that can quickly convert any Vimeo video into MP4 in a few seconds. It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, Reddit, etc. All can be done in a few minutes.

  • Supports various sites
  • No annoying ads
  • Quick conversion
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quality options
  • Supports MP4 only
  • Download needs to be made in a new tab

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Go to and paste the Vimeo link in the box. Click Download.

2) Download the size you prefer.

3) Click the more button in the bottom right corner of the newly opened tab.

4) Select Download and your video will start downloading automatically.

2. Vimeo Video Downloader: The Most Time-saving

Vimeo Video Downloader is a Chrome extension that adds a “download” button on the video page. You can download any Vimeo MP4 file with one click. This is the most efficient option. It saves you the time of going to the online converter again and again to paste the URL.

  • One-click solution
  • Very fast
  • Ad-free
  • Quality options
  • Supports MP4 only
  • Works only for Chrome

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Add Vimeo Video Downloader to your Chrome.

2) Open any Vimeo video page, and you’ll see a Download button under the Share button and next to the Follow button.

3) Click the download button and choose your preferred video quality. The download will start automatically.

3. Vimeo Downloader: The Easiest Site

Vimeo Downloader is a simple and straightforward site for you to download Vimeo videos for free. If you don’t need to download Vimeo videos in bulk, this is your go-to option. By default, it will try to download the highest resolution for you. No more tedious download options. At Vimeo Downloader, it can be quickly done in a few simple clicks.

  • Very user-friendly
  • Fewer ads
  • Quick conversion
  • Limited output format
  • No quality options
  • Download needs to be made in a new tab

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Go to Paste the video URL into the box and click SUBMIT.


4) Click the more button at the bottom right of the newly opened tab.

5) Select Download and your video download will start automatically.

4. Convertio: The Most Powerful

Convertio is a free converter where you can convert Vimeo (and other files) into MP4 as well as any other formats you can think of. It supports multiple conversions, so you will find it most convenient if you have a lot of videos to download. In addition, you can adjust the size, quality, etc.

  • 300+ output formats
  • Supports local files, Drop Box, Google Drive and URL
  • Simultaneous conversion
  • Supports simple video editing
  • Not so user-friendly
  • Slow conversion (it may take several minutes)
  • Too many options

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Go to and choose convert from URL.

2) Paste the Vimeo URL in the box and click Submit. If you need to download more than one video, you can add as many video URLs as you want.

3) Choose Video instead of HTML, then select your preferred output format i.e. MP4.

4) Click Convert and it will take you several minutes to complete. You can come back later since it may take longer than you can imagine.

5) When the conversion is finished, click Download to save.

5. Online Video Converter: The Most Useful

Online Video Converter is another free tool to convert your videos into any format you like. There’s no file limit so you can convert as many files as you want and it’s totally free. Their conversion is relatively more efficient than other competitors.

  • 300+ output formats
  • Relatively fast conversion
  • No file limit
  • Resolution and size options
  • User-frinedly interface
  • No simultaneous download
  • Some ads

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Go to and click URL.

2) Paste the Vimeo URL into the box and click OK.

3) Now you can select the output format and resolution. In addition, there’re other useful settings that you may need. When you’re ready, click Convert.

4) When the conversion finishes, click Download to save to your PC or mobile phone. You can also save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox.

6. The Quickest Site is a quick video converter is by far the quickest one I’ve seen. You paste the URL and submit—you can download the video directly according to the video quality. Plus, you can see the file size at the same time.

  • Easy & quick
  • Support various sites
  • Quality options
  • No ads
  • Supports MP4 only
  • No simultaneous download

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Go to and paste the Vimeo URL into the box. Click Download. Then select the quality you need.

2) In the newly opened tab, select the more button and click Download.

7. KeepDownloading: The Most Straightforward

KeepDownloading is another efficient online converter. Note that there are sometimes intrusive ads on the bottom of the page, so make sure you don’t click on them by accident. Aside from the ads, it’s straightforward and easy to use.

  • Supports various sites
  • Quality options
  • Easy to use
  • Quick
  • Ads
  • No MP3 or other formats options

How to Convert Vimeo to MP4?

1) Go to, then paste the URL and click DOWNLOAD.

2) Choose the video resolution you need and click to open the video.

3) Click the more button, then select Download.


The best Vimeo converter should be the one that suits your download needs. If you want this just for one-time use or once for a while, the simple converter may be your go-to option. But if you need Vimeo conversion a lot and MP4 is totally OK with you, the Chrome extension may save you lots of time. When you need other formats options or need to download several videos at the same time, go for the powerful ones.

We’ll keep this list updated to make sure you can always get access to currently working and awesome converters. If you find something better, feel free to share it with us.

By Via Kuang

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