How To Check This Phone Number 2023 Guide

How to check phone number owner name

How To Check This Phone Number 2023 Guide

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Step 1: Enter the phone number
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When your phone rings, the first instinct is to check the phone number or the caller ID. If it’s an unknown phone call, identifying the owner of the number first might be a better choice. And here’s how to check a phone number.

1. Search on Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Most people nowadays have left his/her trail online, it is possible that a Google search will lead you up to it. To do so, simply type the person’s phone number in the search bar, hit Enter, then see what turns up.

If you’re greeted with “It looks like there aren’t many great matches for your search“, it means that Google cannot find a result for your search. You could either try other combinations or switch to the reverse phone number lookup tools

2. Search on social media

Social media has collected so much personal information that not many people realized yet. Therefore, you can use the phone number to search on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.

For example, searching for people’s names on Facebook and LinkedIn gives you more chances to find the right person. These 2 platforms are widely used around the world with photos, phone numbers, and other information. In case, if the person has a Facebook account or LinkedIn account, then it’s a bingo! You can get the location and other info of that person by viewing his profile.

3. BeenVerified (Recommend)

With a phone number, BeenVerified can give you a detailed report associated with this phone number in minutes. Back up by billions of real-sourced data, both from governments and the public, the search engine will provide you with a detailed and accurate report. You could find the name of the owner, current addresses, social media profiles, and more. It’s one of the most popular and most powerful reverse phone number lookup tools among users.

Here’s how to use BeenVerified:

1) Go to the BeenVerified.

2) Click Phone Lookup, then enter the phone number and click SEARCH.

3) Wait for BeenVerified to search the databases. Once done, you’ll see all the available social media profiles associated with this phone number.

4. Spokeo

Spokeo is perfect for people who rarely use the service because you can buy a single report each time. It is a comprehensive search engine that has a large database with the records of thousands of people. Search people through a phone number and you’ll find all kinds of information linked to it. 

1) Go to the Spokeo official page.

2) Click PHONE and enter the phone number. Then hit SEARCH NOW.

3) Click UNLOCK FULL RESULTS. Then click CONTINUE on the new page.

4) Enter the payment information and you’ll get a report that contains a huge amount of information associated with the phone number.

5. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is another well-reputed reverse phone number lookup engine that allows you to find people online easily and quickly. It would help you dig out in-depth information about the person. The lookup address won’t require you to sign up (which means no logs of your search), and the process is quick – all it takes is just a couple of minutes.

1) Go to PeopleFinders.

2) Choose the search option and enter the information you have.

Hint: You can also click Advanced Search to narrow down your search and get more accurate results.

3) Wait a while as PeopleFinders generates a report of all up-to-date information about the people you’re looking for.

If you don’t want to pay for the service, you can move to the next method.


After verifying the identity of the phone number, you can decide to call back or block the phone number. It’s always better to be alert rather than get scammed.

That’s all about checking this phone number freely and legally. Hope this post will help, if you have suggestions or questions, you’re welcome to leave a comment below.

By Iris Zheng

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