How much does it cost to use a people search tool?


The cost to find someone using a people search tool varies.

Some people search tools are free, but as with anything in life, you usually get what you pay for. Free people search tools provide only very limited information — they make you pay for everything but the most basic information. And often the information that they do provide for free isn’t as accurate as the information you’d get from a paid people search tool.

In all our tests, the paid people search tools are definitely better than the free people search tools. In fact, there’s really no comparison.

How much do they cost? Well, it depends on what information you’re searching for, and how often you plan to search for different people.

We believe there are only a few paid people search tools that are good enough to consider. Here’s a comparison of their prices.

BeenVerified7-day trial membership  —  $1
1-month membership — $22.86/month
3-month membership — $14.86/month
PeopleLooker1-month membership — $18.28/month
3-month membership — $14.62/month
Spokeo1-month membership — $19.95/month
3-month membership — $14.95/month
WhitepagesUnlimited basic contact lookups — $3.99/month
Unlimited basic contact lookups + 20 Premium contact lookups — $4.99/month
Unlimited basic contact lookups + 200 Premium contact lookups — $19.99/month
Single background report on one person — $9.99
PeopleFindersBasic report + 3-day basic trial — $0.95
Basic report without trial — $1.95
Full report + 3-day full trial — $3.95
Full report without trial — $9.95
1-month basic subscription — $24.95/month
1-month full subscription — $29.95/month
NeighborWho1-month membership — $26.89/month
3-month membership — $17.48/month
Intelius1-month membership — $24.86/month
3-month membership — $21.13/month
Instant Checkmate1-month membership — $35.12/month
3-month membership — $28.09/month
TruthFinder1-month membership — $28.05/month
2-month membership — $23.28/month
Radaris1-month membership — $34.78/month
3-month membership — $27.82/month
InfoTracerFull report + 7-day trial — $2.95
1-month membership — $24.95/month
StateRecords.orgFull report + 7-day trial — $4.95
1-month membership — $19.95/month
SpyFlyFull report + 7-day trial — $2.00
1-month membership — $29.97/month
USSearch.com1-month membership — $19.86/month
NumberGuru7-day trial — $1
7-day trial with PDF downloads — $5
1-month membership — $29.99/month
SocialCatfish5-day trial — $5.73
1-month membership — $27.48/month
Spytox1 report — $19.99

Note that the following sites are not genuine people search websites. They may provide some VERY basic information, but if you click to see a full report, they simply invoke one of the above paid people search sites.