Hobby Lobby Free Shipping Over $50 Not Working? Here’s Why

If you’re a fan of arts, crafts, and home decor, you’ll probably love Hobby Lobby. It’s a great source for all your hobby needs and all at a low price. But why is the Hobby Lobby free shipping over $50 not working?

It’s no news that a coupon code or deal doesn’t work. We’ve all been there. Hobby Lobby free shipping deals never worked for me. Why? The truth is that MOST Hobby Lobby Free Shipping Deals never exist, especially those deals listed on coupon websites.

hobby lobby free shipping not working

This is so classic — if there’s no coupon code or deal, coupon websites fake one so that they can make money out of you when you click on the deal and finally place an order without a discount.

Next time you see a deal that promises you “Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more” or “Free Shipping on Most U.S. Ground Orders”, you know they’re lying.

What are Hobby Lobby’s shipping charges?

hobby lobby free shipping

Since you can’t avoid shipping fees anyway (except for a promotional offer from Hobby Lobby), you can take a quick look at the shipping charges:

Up to $15.00$6.95$1.50

It’s obvious that the shipping fee increases with the subtotal of your order, so it’s quite absurd to expect a third-party website to give you a Hobby Lobby free shipping code for orders of $50 or more.

How to get Free Shipping on orders of over $50?

First, we don’t recommend you shop Hobby Lobby online unless you have to or prefer. The prices are the same, and you have to pay more due to the high shipping costs.

What’s more, you’ll have a better selection when you shop in-store. Some items are not available online because they may be fragile or difficult to ship. Plus, there are some seasonal items in the store that you can’t buy online.

If you must shop online, wait for a free shipping sale. Hobby Lobby offers free shipping on orders of over $50 several times a month. You can sign up for their emails to be alerted. 

How to save money at Hobby Lobby?

Whether you shop in the store or online, Hobby Lobby has great ways to save money. Or if you find Hobby Lobby free shipping over $50 not working, here are other ways you can save.

1. Never forget about Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon

How to grab the biggest discount when you shop at Hobby Lobby — both online and in-store!

hobby lobby 40% off dicount

The Hobby Lobby coupon code changes every Sunday, so make sure you check the weekly ads or go to the Hobby Lobby app to get the latest coupon.

I’m shopping online

You’ll never miss 40% off the highest-priced item when you shop online because it’s hard not to notice. When you’re at the checkout page, the 40% off coupon will automatically apply. 

Note that this coupon will give you a 40% off on a regular price. So use this coupon only on full-price items and sale items that are under 40% discount.

Pro Tip: Get an extra 2.8%~2.9% cashback at Hobby Lobby when you shop online with Coupert. It’s a browser extension that finds you coupons automatically. To qualify, you’ll just need to install it and sign up.


Then shop as you normally do and it will pop up when they’re available coupons on this site. But if no coupons are available, you can always earn a cashback!

hobby lobby cahsback

It works with over 4,000 stores to help you save money by applying a coupon code and cashback at the same time.

coupert trending stores

I’m shopping in store

Remember to print your coupon before you shop at Hobby Lobby. The coupon is limited to one per customer, per day.

If you’re planning to purchase multiple items, you can bring your husband or family member to come along with you to save more. There are some exclusions such as you cannot use the coupon on items marked as “Reduced”  or “Your Price

2. Check the clearance section first

hobby lobby 90% off sales

Red tags indicate clearance prices. There are always clearance sales and you can always find something that could be added to your shelves. Check the clearance section first as the discount starts at 40% off and damaged stuff can be up to 90% off.

What’s worth mentioning is that there are secret sales twice a year—one right after Mother’s Day and one right after Christmas. These two sales can net you some serious savings. Items that are still left for a few weeks will be discounted by 80% or 90%, which means you can snag a few for practically nothing. 

While the bummer is some items are excluded from sales such as cards, gift wrap, specialty paper, party supplies, licensed products, cake decorating and candy-making supplies, etc. 

3. Consider bringing competitors’ ads

hobby lobby price matching

Hobby Lobby doesn’t honor a competitor’s ads online but does so in-store. As long as the item is an exact match and you have the physical ad, they will match that price for you. However, you cannot apply the 40% off coupon on a price-matched item. So do the math to make sure price matching will give you a lower price compared to an instant 40% off discount.

Note: Some exclusions may apply. Hobby Lobby doesn’t honor percentage-off sales.

4. Don’t go for 30% off sales

hobby lobby furniture

30% off doesn’t seem like a real sale. Furniture, fabric, trees & plants, and posters are always on 30% off. Instead of taking the sale price, you can save an extra 10% if you apply the 40% off coupon. You can ask the cashier to void the sale price since you’ll be using a coupon. However, the furniture is now listed as “Your Price”, meaning you won’t be able to use your 30% off coupon. Check Home Depot coupons to save on your furniture instead.

5. Ask for a rain check

If a sale item (over 40% off) is out of stock, you won’t need to ask whether they have extra stock since what you see is what they have. Instead, you can ask for a rain check. Next time you visit Hobby Lobby, they’ll offer you the exact same price you’re missing today.

You’ll have a better selection when you shop in-store. Some items are not available online because they may be fragile or difficult to ship. Plus, there are some seasonal items in the store that you can’t buy online. The prices are basically the same and you won’t need to pay the shipping fee. 

If you must shop online, wait for a free shipping sale. Hobby Lobby offers free shipping on orders of over $50 several times a month. You can sign up for their emails to be alerted. 

6. Ask for price adjustments if the price drops

If you’re in a hurry to finish a project and there’s nothing on sale right now, don’t worry. Keep your receipt and ask for a price adjustment within 14 days if the product is back on sale. Note that you’ll need to bring both your receipt AND the item (even when you have used it) with you.

7. Don’t hesitate to return the items you don’t like

hobby lobby return policy

Whether you shop in stores or online, it’s quick and easy to return your unwanted items. It would be a total waste of money if you keep something that you may not need.

For in-store returns, you can return the items within 90 days of purchase even without the original store receipt (based on the lowest selling price in the last 60 days). 

For online orders, you’ll need to complete the return form first and send the product back to Hobby Lobby.

8. Save an extra 10% if you’re a charitable organization

hobby lobby charitable

Hobby Lobby offers a 10% discount to churches, schools, and national charitable organizations. The payment method is limited to an organization check or credit card. To enjoy this discount, please consult the local store manager first. 

9. Get discounted gift card

hobby lobby gift card

You can buy discounted gift cards from retailers such as Raise, GiftCardGranny, or CardPool. Hobby Lobby gift cards can save you an extra 5% to 7.5%. However, those discounted gift cards are always out of stock, so you can purchase them on eBay if you could find any elsewhere.

10. Be familiar with Hobby Lobby sale cycle

Besides Hobby Lobby clearance sales, which might save you 90%, you can save 30% to 50% if you know their sale cycle.

Once every two weeks

  • Floral – 50% off
  • Frames – 50% off
  • Paper crafts – 50% off
  • Ribbon & trim spools – 30% off

Once every three weeks

  • Needle art – 30% off
  • Crafts – 30% off
  • Art supplies – 40-50% off
  • Jewelry making – 50% off

Once every four weeks

  • Home décor – 50% off
  • Paper crafts – 50% off
  • Fabric – 30% off

Every two out of three weeks

  • Canvases – 50% off
  • Glass beads & hair accessories – 50% off

Every three out of four weeks

  • Some home decor such as candles, clocks etc.

These items are always on sale

  • Furniture – 30% off
  • Potted trees and floor plans – 50% off
  • Frames – 50% off
  • Best selling books – 40% to 50% off
  • Wearable art – 30 to 40% off
  • Party supplies – 30% off


You can always save 40% using their coupons both online and in-store. The 40% off coupon updates every Sunday, but it doesn’t mean you can only use one within a week. It allows a coupon per day per person.

What makes Hobby Lobby even more affordable is its secret sales. Shop the clearance or wait for the largest sale by knowing their sale cycle. In addition, you can always save money with pricing adjustments and price matching.

By Via Kuang

Via is a writer for Super Easy. She specializes in modern, realistic lifestyle writing, covering fashion, the arts, travel, books, saving money tips and more. She just loves delving deep into topics that help everyone become a happier, healthier, more productive person. When not writing, she's exploring the beauty of the world -- the real scenic beauty and the intellectual beauty.

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