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Free Wizard101 Crowns Hacks | 08/2020 Updated

Earn yourself free crowns!

Eager to unlock each area permanently with the so-called Crowns? You’re here to help save the Wizard City, but unfortunately you get stuck! The only way to go further is limited to Membership or Crowns.

Which one makes me a wise wizard? The final answer is up to you. Here, we’ll show you some hacks to make it super easy to save you a fortune.

Option 1 – Earn Crowns by Taking Fun Quizzes!

If you’re deligent enough, perhaps with free time or high IQ, you will have this fantastic chance to earn yourself crowns for free. That equals free money. All you need to do is taking a quiz, which won’t be so boring like those in school of course.

You’ll be very familiar with the website because it is run by the same company – Kingsisle Entertainment.

If you pass a quiz with 75% or higher, you get 10 crowns for your Kingsisle account.

But if you don’t want to waste any of your wits on these, the good news is that you can let a Chrome extension do the job – Daily Crown Quiz Answering Extension.

There you are – the first option for you to save your money while leveling up. Knowledge is not the only thing that enpowers you, so is information.

Option 2 – Save 50% off on Membership!

Like most games, they are actually run by business company. Where there is buisiness, there is a pay wall, even if you hate the membership policy so much. How I wish one day I can play the game totally for free!

If you’re being serious or realistic, membership is more preferable for the benefits it brings:

  • Access to all playing areas in all worlds
  • PVP battles
  • More space in your backpack

Now you’re at the gateway to purchase a more affordable membership.

Also, you can get other Wizard101 hot deals here. Just scroll down the page and take your pick then click Get Deal.

Bonus Tips

To play the game baby to mega, you can’t miss out this YouTuber: Skelemystyk or livestram on Tiwtch Wizard101 to learn more game hacks.

Also, check Wizard’s hanbook to everything you need for PVE on Reddit.

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