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Gluteal Amnesia – How to Fix it

Gluteal Amnesia – How to Fix it

These days, most of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus outbreak, either practicing self-quarantine or working from home. So we might end up spending 5-7 hours a day (if not longer) sitting on the chair – and yes, that’s really a lot of time!

Maybe you’ve noticed your tush gets sore and your hip flexors become tighter after the long sitting hours. While the full concentration and minimal moving can be good for your career, (or your chair, possibly,) it’s definitely not that great for your butt.

One issue commonly associated with prolonged sitting is Gluteal Amnesia, also known as Dead Butt Syndrome. Read on and learn what gluteal amnesia is, who is prone to it, and effective ways to correct and prevent it.

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What is gluteal amnesia?

If you spend hours a day sitting and not getting up every now and then to stand and walk, chances are your hip flexor gets shortened and tighter, which leads to the gluteus muscles not engaging and working properly.

This is what we call gluteal amnesia, or Dead Butt Syndrome. As its name suggests, under the condition, gluteal muscles simply forget their main purpose – supporting the pelvis and keeping your body in alignment.

Inhibited gluteus muscles can cause pain in other parts of your body, say your lower back, knees, and ankles. Besides, the gluteus medius loses its shape due to the inability to contract the glutes, making your bottom flat, flabby, and saggy.

Who is prone to gluteal amnesia?

Unfortunately, no one is immune to this syndrome, even if you work out frequently. The fact is, glutes, if not used, become inactive.

If you think you might have the issue, fear not. The condition is reversible. Research shows that a sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit behind gluteal amnesia. To correct gluteal muscles, the first thing to bear in mind is moving more and sitting less. So, let’s break up long periods of sitting with periodic walks.

Doing exercises is another way to get gluteal muscles firing again – and yes, you’ll find a LOT of useful moves online, but you don’t have to try them all; just select one and stick to practicing it EVERY SINGLE DAY. The simple move we recommend that you do to enhance your glutes is Donkey Kicks, which is the best for beginners!

How to prevent/combat gluteal amnesia?

1. Reduce Prolonged Sitting

To defeat gluteal amnesia, the first step is to reduce prolonged sitting. Remind yourself to stand up, stretch, and move around regularly throughout the day. For the ultimate solution, consider a standing desk or an adjustable desk converter to alternate between sitting and standing and keep your glutes engaged.

2. Strengthen the Glutes

Consider incorporating compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, and glute bridges into your workout routine. You can also use resistance bands or weights to add intensity to your exercises.

To strengthen your gluteal muscles, try this simple exercise, Donkey Kicks, every day.

  1. Start on all fours with knees placed directly under hips and hands beneath shoulders.
  2. Engage your core. Keep your shoulders back and down, and your spine in neutral.
  3. Use the power of your right glute to balance and the power of your left glute to lift your leg.
  4. Lower your knee without touching the floor; lift again. Repeat 10 times and switch sides. Repeat 2 to 3 sets.

Tip: Don’t forget to exhale as you lift your leg, and keep that neck long.

3. Work on Hip Mobility

To keep your glutes active, you need also to work on hip mobility. Stretching exercises will also help release tension in your hip flexors, priming your glutes for action.

4. Correct Your Posture

Whether you’re seated at a desk or on your feet, be mindful of your posture. You can use ergonomic furniture and tools to support a neutral spine and pelvis position.

5. Foam Rolling and Massage

Foam rolling and massage can help release tension and knots in the gluteal muscles. It can improve blood flow and facilitate proper muscle activation.

6. Seek Professional Help

If you suspect severe gluteal amnesia, consider consulting a physical therapist for a thorough evaluation and targeted treatments.

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