[New] Girls X Battle 2 Codes List- Mar 2021

Girls X Battle 2 is one of the most popular mobile game in 2016, it’s a new style of RPG idle game which contains hundreds of gorgeous Anime Battle Girls in your charge. Players not only need to focus on girls but also pay attention to their development by equipping them with gears and items. So don’t miss the free goodies, with our gift codes list, you can redeem free items easily and get rewards.

Working codes

Here’s the code list that help you to get free items. Developers usually release gift codes on holiday, such as Christmas, so right now there’re only code for new players. We’ll keep an eye on the code and update it timely.

GXB222 (only for new players)Free capsules
The code is valid once per ID.

Expired Codes

  • XmasGirls2 – Advanced Capsule Coin x 30
  • 25a99f5a – 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4-star girl
  • fab1df79 – 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4-star girl
  • GXB2JP1 – 100 gems,  and also 40 shards of 4-star girl
  • 24asdfzq – 188 gems, and also 80 shards of x star girl
  • Fab1df79 – 188 gems, and also 80 shards of x star girl

Girls x Battle 2 code generator?

Don’t trust any code generator! They won’t give you the real working codes, what’s more, these sites are usually scams and spreading malware and viruses. It’s unsafe to enter your account and password, and you should never give your password to strangers.

Some of the code generator sites will ask you to buy something from their websites than you’ll receive gift codes, but normally that’s not working. Some of the sites will ask you to download a software which can generate codes for you, if you believe the words, you’re putting your PC under risks. The unknown software might be a malware that will steal your personal information and affect your PC.

Never trust any code generators.

How to redeem codes

If you don’t know how to redeem the codes, here’s how, just follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the game, tap the Menu button on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Code.
  3. Enter the code and tap Activate.

Want more codes?

Codes were released by developers, so the first place to start looking is on the developers’ official social media channels. You can follow GxB 2’s Facebook to get the latest information. Be sure to search Reddit, Discord, famous YouTube and Twitch streammers because Girls X Battle 2 developers may give them some codes as a benefit doing giveaways. But if you want to save some time, you can mark this page cause we’ll do these work for you to update the latest codes.

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