[Updated] Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes – September 2023

ghost simulator codes

If you’re playing Roblox Ghost Simulator, certainly you don’t want to miss any in-game rewards like pets and hoverboards. To save your time and effort, we put together the full list of Ghost Simulator codes that are proved to work. Grab them to fully enjoy a world of ghosts daunting!

Table of contents:

What are Ghost Simulator codes

With Ghost Simulator codes, you’ll be able to get Pet and Hoverboard. Pet will boost the amount of Ectoplasm by selling each Ghost and also speed up the catch time for Ghosts, while Hoverboard assists you in getting around the map quickly. Use the free codes below, and you can unlock different boosts and perks to get a step up easily.

Active codes

Here are the most up-to-date Ghost Simulator codes for this month. Act fast and redeem them all before they expire. If any codes are non-working, please let us know in the comment so that we can remove them. You’re also appreciated to share the new codes you found.

To redeem the active codes, you must join the official BloxByte Games group on Roblox. Also note that these codes are case-sensitive.
1STRANDO (New)In-game rewards
BOSSRAID (New)In-game rewards
M3TA In-game rewards
2YEARS Godly Pet
THANKYOUALPHA (Available for testers)
YOUTUBEYoutuber Board & Fire Pegasus (Available for content creators)
FIREFLYFirefly Pet
THEENDGears & The End Hoverboard
PLAYCosmic Hand Pet
R1FTPurple Pegasus Pet
SPAC3Dave Pet
1YEAROne Year Bag (Contains Anniversary Pet and Hoverboard)

We’ll keep updating this page, so you can check back often to grab the new-releasing codes.

How to redeem your codes

Now that you’ve grabbed all the active codes above, the next step is to redeem them in the game. Here are the steps:

  1. Run Ghost Simulator.
  2. Click the Twitter icon on your screen.
  3. Enter your code and click Redeem.

The rewards should arrive in your inbox once the codes are successfully redeemed.


So that’s it – the full list of active Ghost Simulator codes. To get more codes, you can also stay tuned to the social media accounts of BloxByte on Twitter, Fandom, and Discord. Hopefully you’ll find this post helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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