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[FIXED] How To Remove Red Eye in Photos | Easily & Quickly

Remove the red-eye effect quickly and easily.


You may meet this situation: you took a nice photo of the sight. Unfortunately, there are two red pupils in your eyes that ruin the nice pic. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can use red-eye remover to fix this problem easily and quickly.

Online Red-Eye Remover

There are lots of online photo editor websites that can help you edit your photos. To remove the red-eye effect in the photo, you can use the below website:

1. Fotor

1) Enter the Fotor website and click Edit a Photo.

2) Click Open and upload your picture from Computer.

3) Click the Beauty tab, click RED-EYE REMOVE.

4) Adjust the size, click to remove red-eye.

5) Click Apply then click Save to save the picture.


1) Enter the website and upload the photo.

2) Select Red eye remover then clicks Apply. The red-eye effect will be removed automatically.

3) Click Save and Share in the bottom to download the picture.

3. ipiccy

1) Open the website, click Edit a Photo.

2) Click Open to upload the photo.

3) Click the face button and choose Red-Eye Fix. Then click Apply.

4) Click the SAVE button.

Desktop App

Using the online photo editor, you have to bear the risk that you might lose your personal data. If you don’t want to take the risk, you can use desktop software to edit your photos.

Movavi is a powerful photo editor that suits your needs.


1) Download and install the Movavi Photo Editor.

2) Drag your photo in the window.

3) Click Retouching and choose Red eye remover.

4) Set the brush size slightly larger than the red range.

5) Click on the red region to remove the red-eye effect.

6) Click Apply. Then click Save to save the photo.

How to prevent the red-eye effect

Compare to using photo editor edit your photos, it’s better not have the red-eye effect when you taking a photo. Here are some tips that can help you prevent the red-eye effect.

  • Don’t use flash. The flash that hit your eyes can be the reason for the red-eye effect, and it’s not comfortable to look straight at the light.
  • Add light to the room. Standing in a well-lit place can make your photos look natural and beautiful.
  • Activate the red-eye reduction mode on your camera.
  • If you need to use flash, use an external flash. Don’t aim at people but aim at the ceiling or a wall. Because the wall or ceiling can reflect the light to light up the room without causing the red-eye effect.

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By Iris Zheng

Iris is a writer who covers almost everything from beauty to technology, fitness, home decoration and etc. No matter what she wrote, she always brings true and useful information for readers.

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