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Fixed: iPhone Contacts Disappeared | 2023 Tips

Wondering how to retrieve lost contacts on your iPhone? You’ve come to the right place! This post gives you 5 solutions to fix your problem quickly and easily.

Try these fixes:

You may not have to try them all, just work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you.

  1. Restart your iPhone
  2. Recover your lost Contacts from iCloud backup
  3. Reset your network settings
  4. Restore your lost contacts from iTunes backup
  5. Recover your contacts using PhoneRescue for iOS

Fix 1: Restart Your iPhone

One quick fix to the temporary loss of contacts on iPhone is restarting your device. Here is how to do it:

1) Turn off your iPhone.

If you’re using an iPhone X or later, press and hold the side button and either volume button until the slider appears. Then, drag the slider to power off.

If you’re using a previous version of iPhone, press and hold the power button until the slider appears. Then, drag the slider to power off.

2) Press and hold the power button again until you see the Apple logo.

After your device turns on, check to see if your contacts are back. If your problem still exists, read on and check the fix below.

Fix 2: Recover your lost Contacts from iCloud backup

If you’ve synced your contacts with your iCloud, you can also recover them from iCloud backup. To do it, follow the instructions below:

1) Tap Settings > Cellular.

2) Make sure iCloud Drive is turned on.

3) Go back to Settings, and then tap your Apple profile > iCloud.

4) Toggle off Contacts. (If Contacts is already turned off, you need to toggle it on and then toggle it off again. )

5) Tap Delete from My iPhone.

6) Toggle on Contacts.

Wait for 1 minute, then check if your missing contacts are back. If this didn’t work for you, don’t worry. There are still 3 fixes to try.

Fix 3: Reset your network settings

This problem might occur when your network connection went wrong. To fix it, you can try resetting your network settings. Here is how:

Note: This process will delete all your network settings, including Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.

1) Tap Settings > General > Reset.

2) Tap Reset Network Settings, and then enter your passcode.

3) Tap Reset Network Settings.

Check your contacts to see if this helped. If your problem persists, try the fix below.

Fix 4: Restore your contacts from iTunes backup

If you’ve backed up your iPhone to iTunes, you can also recover your contacts from iTunes backup. Here is how to do it:

Note: This process will delete the current data on your iPhone, including your current photos, videos, messages, etc., and then replace them with the backup data. So you need to back up the data you don’t want to lose.

1) Download and install iTunes.

2) Connect your iPhone to your computer. (You may need to enter your device passcode or to Trust This Computer to access your iPhone on iTunes.)

3) Run iTunes, click the phone icon.

4) Click Restore Backup and then follow the on-screen instructions to restore your iPhone from a recent backup.

Check to see if this fixed your problem. If it didn’t, try the fix below.

Fix 5: Recover your contacts using PhoneRescue for iOS

If the fixes above didn’t work for you, try running PhoneRescue for iOS to recover your lost contacts. PhoneRescue for iOS can help you get back your data in a safe and fast way. Here is how to use this tool:

1) Download and install PhoneRescue for iOS.

2) Open PhoneRescue for iOS and click I’m Ready to Start.

3) Click Recovery from iOS Device.

4) Select Contacts and click OK.

5) PhoneRescue for iOS will then scan your device to find your lost contacts. After the process is complete, select the one(s) you would like to recover, and then click the To Device button to download them to your iPhone directly.

Hopefully, this post helped in resolving your problem. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions and suggestions.

By Ellie Zhuang

Content crafter at Super Easy. Ellie is a foodie at heart who also happens to be an extreme couponer. She enjoys discovering new and helpful coupon tips and tricks.In addition to writing for Super Easy, she also posts technical guides, tips, and how-tos at Driver Easy.

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