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How to Find Friends on Facebook by Phone Number

How to Find Friends on Facebook by Phone Number

Want to find friends on Facebook by phone number but don’t feel like notifying them? You’re not alone! 

Several motivations prompt our curiosity. A nurturing mother desires to understand her rebellious teenager’s actions. A suitor seeks shared interests with his prospective love interest. An individual yearns for updates on their strained friendship, among other examples.

Possessing only a phone number for an individual, can you still locate them on Facebook despite the platform’s updated privacy policy? Absolutely! Adhere to this guide and apply the solutions we’ve tailored for you.

Method 1 Facebook official guidelines

Nowadays, Facebook allows its users to hide their phone numbers from the general public in privacy settings. There are three categories of who can look them up via mobile number: friends, friends of friends, and everyone. Though concerns over digital privacy are growing, some people may neglect to change their contact info settings from searchable by everyone. So it’s still worth a shot to find friends by mobile number on Facebook directly.

  • Search friend in the Facebook search bar – The easiest and quickest way as shown in the above image.
  • Upload contact to find friends from mobile – You need to add the phone number to your phone contact list first.
  • Use People You May Know function – Its suggestions come from things like having friends in common with someone, being in the same Facebook group or your networks.

The above three ways require you to have a Facebook account to conduct. And there are no guaranteed findings. But it just takes a few taps and a little time. Why not try?

Method 2 People search tools

People search websites have been gaining momentum in recent years. They enable people to search for public record information on whoever they are looking for by simply searching a phone number, name, address, email or other info. 

Generally, the top people search websites are subscription-based. And it’s fair that you pay for what you get. After all, the crawling, handling, and maintaining processes for data and generating process for easy-looking reports take considerable time and energy. 

What you may find from these tools?

  • Phone number owner’s name
  • Current address and history
  • Email address
  • Social media profiles
  • Possible relatives
  • Criminal or traffic records

Varying in sources and data processing, these tools may produce diverse results on the same search subject. Here we recommend two trustworthy people-searching experts for you: BeenVerified and Intelius.

Both platforms provide industry-leading people-search tools, boasting cutting-edge algorithms, powerful databases, comprehensive reports, and well-rated customer services. Below is a comparative table for these two tools:

$19.49/month for 3 months
$21.13/month for 3 months
Search typeName, phone, email, address, username, vehicleName, phone, address
prosFairly quick search;
All-accessible search types;
Abundant report data;
User-friendly interface;
App for Android and iOS devices;
High-quality services at affordable prices.
Unlimited search;
Quick and reliable results;
Easy-to-navigate website;
well-organized report;
Good customer support.
consLimited to 100 reports per monthLimited search types

How to use people search tools:

Using these people search tools is very easy. Things between a phone number and all the information are just a few clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Pick your choice and head to its phone number search website: Intelius or BeenVerified.
  2. Enter the mobile number and click Search.
  3. Wait for the algorithm to find the matchings for you. It may take a while for reports to be generated as they gather the information. Sign up for an account and pay for unlocking the report. 
    The above image is from a sample Intelius report. Actual Intelius reports may contain more or less information.
    Phone report from BeenVerified

Method 3 Search engines

Search engines collect and maintain billions of real-time information by running an algorithm on a web crawler. Its massive database returns relevant results within a second after you hit search. So you may get a chance to obtain useful info by searching a phone number in those leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Here are two tricks potentially helpful to your search:

  • Add quotation marks – It ensures the search results of a group of words or numbers must appear exactly how you type them.
  • Add specific site limitations – It limits the site where the search results come from.

For example, if you google “facebook”, you’ll get all information exactly matching “Facebook” from

Now give it a try by searching “(xxx)-xxx-xxxx” (replace the x with the phone number you’re looking for), to see what pops up.

In addition, you can search for phone number in combination of area, name (if you know) and Facebook. Simply search area code 256 (replace 256 with your exact phone number area code), and you’ll find which area this phone number belongs to. Then Google (xxx)-xxx-xxxx northeastern Alabama John Facebook to narrow down the search results.


Why can’t I find a friend using their phone number?
Privacy settings matter. If a Facebook has chosen not to link their phone number to their profile or has set strict privacy controls, you may fail to find them on Facebook directly. Also, if someone is rarely active online, you may find it hard to search details from people search tools.
Are people search tools legal?
The reverse phone number lookup tool on above two platforms is 100% legal. They gather information from public records that anyone can access at any time and create a fast and convenient shortcut for people in great need of looking for someone. Therefore, you can utilize these tools safely and confidentially.
Can I find friends on Facebook by email address?
Yes, you can search for friends on Facebook using their email addresses. The same privacy considerations apply, and users have control over the visibility of their email addresses. Besides, most people search platforms offer reverse email lookup to reveal linked information.


Methods do exist to find friends on Facebook by phone number. If you don’t want to pay, just follow Facebook’s official guidelines or search in search engines page by page. If you don’t want to get overwhelmed by vague results and endless web pages, opt for people search websites like BeenVerified and Intelius.

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Hopefully, you can find some clues about finding friends on Facebook by phone number in this post. Good luck!

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