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Imagine how you’d feel if you could find the person you’re looking for immediately, and with just a few clicks.

Whether they’re missing, they owe you money, you’re thinking of dating them, or you’re just organizing a school reunion, there’s no need to go to great lengths to find them!

With a good people search, you may be able to find them in less than a minute! All you need is a name, email address or phone number.

And it’s all 100% confidential


And it’s all 100% anonymous.


What information will a people search find?

It all depends on what information you provide and what data is available on the person.

A typical people search for someone in the US can find the person’s:

  • First & last names

  • Family members, friends & co-workers

  • Aliases

  • Household demographics

  • Current & past addresses

  • Phone numbers

  • Birth & marriage records

  • Email addresses

  • Education, hobbies & interests

  • Social media profiles

  • Properties, investments & estimated salary

  • Traffic tickets, sex offences, criminal record

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Why would I use people search?

Millions of customers use people search every day, and they all have different reasons. Here are just a few reasons you might want to find someone:

  • Missing person search

    When a loved one is missing, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. With proven effective people search at your disposal, you don’t have to rely solely on under-resourced police departments or expensive private detectives.

  • Debt collection

    Find even the most elusive debtor and get what you’re owed. You did the work in good faith, and you shouldn’t have to go without payment just because you can’t find them. It’s just plain wrong that they can dodge their debts simply by disappearing!

  • Dating background search

    Dating can be a bit of a lottery. It’s so hard to tell if people are being genuine with you! Fortunately, with a good people search tool, you can now get a good idea of whether they really are who they say they are.

  • Child custody or child support payments

    If your ex has disappeared with your children, or you believe they’re lying about their income, assets or employment situation, a quick and easy people search can provide the answers you need.

  • Long-lost friend or school reunion

    Finding someone from your past is rarely as simple as you think it’s going to be. They’ve either changed their name or moved to a different city, or they’re just one of millions of John Smiths! A good people search can help you find them with very little information.

  • Family tree research

    Need to locate someone who holds the key to a whole branch of your family tree? No problem! Just enter their name or email address and click Search, and you could have them located in a matter of seconds.

  • Private investigator / skip trace alternative

    Hiring a private investigator or skip tracing company to find someone is expensive and time consuming. With a good people search, you may be able to find the person you’re looking for without all that time and expense.

  • Research online sellers

    Need a refund from an online seller and they’re nowhere to be found? Whether they’re on Craigslist or another platform, with a good people search, you can find them with just a few clicks.

  • Locate relatives for genetic health conditions

    Whether you need to find someone in order to tell them to get checked, or you’d just like to know if your condition is genetic, a quick and easy people search can help you get in touch with them in just minutes.

  • Missed call lookup

    When you miss a call from an unknown number, it’s always so hard to know whether to call back. Was it your sister with a new number? A client or investor? A long lost friend? Or just a telemarketer or scammer? With a good people search, you can find out with just a few clicks.

  • Locate your biological family

    Don’t spend years trying to locate your biological parents or children. Just enter their name at birth, and let the people search tool take care of the rest. Your years-long search could be finished in just a few minutes.

  • Real estate lead generation

    Don’t waste time cold-calling people who are very unlikely to buy. With a good, informative people search, you can quickly develop a shortlist of local prospective buyers with the assets, capital and inclination to buy.

Different types of people search

There are many different types of people search out there. Which one you choose depends on what information you’re searching for, what information you already know, how much you want to pay and how soon you need the information.

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Is people search ethical?

Yes! Absolutely!

People search tools source all their information only from publicly available, perfectly legal data sources.

You won’t be doing anything illegal or unethical, and you won’t be breaching anyone’s privacy.

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Is my people search anonymous?

Again, yes!

The person you’re looking up will never know you searched for them.

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How much does people search cost?

The cost to find someone using a people search tool varies.

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Where does the information come from?

All the information provided by people search tools is sourced from public records.

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Could I just find the same info myself?

Sure! If you have the time, patience and research skills, and you know where to look and how to join the dots. That’s a lot of “ifs”, but it’s certainly doable.

People search tools don’t have access to any exclusive or private data. They’re just really smart (the good ones are, anyway). They know precisely where to look and they join dots that most people wouldn’t even consider. Plus they use computer algorithms, so they’re FAR faster than a person doing the same thing. Orders of magnitude faster. In other words, they can do in just seconds what it would take you days — or even weeks — to do manually.

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  • government

  • property

  • consumer

  • historical

  • court

  • business records

  • social media

business records
social media

Billions of data records

A good people search tool queries literally billions of database records, including government, property, consumer, historical, court and business records, as well as dozens of social media platforms.

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Exceptional accuracy

Because it uses official public records (e.g. governments, courts, established social networks), a good people search tool isn’t just easy and fast, it’s also accurate.

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Best people search tools

There are dozens — if not hundreds — of people search sites out there. But we believe only a few of them are good enough to bother using.

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