Dress Up! Time Princess Codes List – June 2023 Updated

dress up time princess codes

Dress Up Time Princess is a popular game available on both Android and iOS. In the game, you can dress up the princesses with gorgeous outfits while experiencing the exquisite story. If you expect some real Dress Up Time Princess redemption codes to enjoy the game more, look no further. We’ve put together an ultimate codes list for you.

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Full list of active codes

Here are all the active & legit codes you can use in Dress Up Time Princess. The codes have been verified at the time of writing, but if you find any is no longer working, please let us know in the comment so that we can remove it in time.

89U2WC5 Wool
BWADVX20 Stamina
5 Parven’s Memento
2CW2XU5 Gold Tickets
100 Diamonds
CERHSN30 Diamonds
RMM39J3 Silver Tickets
ENERG1A550 Stamina
FERSENC4NS4DA10 Maud’s Gratitude
3 Silver Tickets
QUEENDOM1 Gold Ticket
10 Maud’s Gratitude
REUL4623 Gold Tickets
XIECHENG135100 Diamonds
CHOI1235,000 Gold
CHUYUNQING456150 Stamina
UAJMZH50 Diamonds
CHARLOTTE20 Diamonds
10 Maud’s Gratitude
G4TITO55 Mew Organics
5 Kitty Bell
3 Gold Tickets
1 Cat
VITTOLOVE 50 Stamina
50 Diamond
TPKRIOS1ST50 Stamina
50 Diamond
10,000 Gold
HI3LITTO50 Stamina
10,000 Gold
DAEB4KTP3 Gold Tickets
ARS3N1C010 Maud’s Gratitude
5 Silver Tickets
V9EDDK2 Gold Tickets
H7Z7N3 5 Silver Tickets
PAPOUNET 50 Stamina
50 Diamond
JEDONNE20 Stamina
5 Maud’s Gratitude
42BGFA5 Pearls
SDRVXF5 Maud’s Gratitude
5 Parven’s Memento
ZFXTP5 Maud’s Gratitude
5 Parven’s Memento
3 Silver Ticket
15 Stamina
MERCIMAMAN 5 Maud’s Gratitude
30 Stamina
10 Silver Ticket
LLEGAV13R4 10 Maud’s Gratitude
TPCUMPLE110,000 Gold
50 Diamonds
TPSORPR3S430 Stamina
3 Gold Tickets
BRISTOW 5 Maud’s Gratitude
1 Gold Ticket
HD7R7C 10,000 Gold
QUEENS30 Stamina
10 Gold Tickets
5 Maud’s Gratitude
VITYRIAExclusive Gifts (Only for new players)
LANAExclusive Gifts (Only for new players)
VINCENTExclusive Gifts (Only for new players)
SELEMLOVEExclusive Gifts (Only for new players)

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How to redeem your codes

If you have grabbed a working code for Dress Up Time Prince, follow the steps below to claim your rewards. Please note that each account can only redeem the code once.

  1. Launch the Dress Up Time Princess app.
  2. Click your profile photo icon at the upper left corner of the main screen.
  3. Click Others.
  4. Select Redemption Code. Then enter your code correctly in the field and click Enter.
  5. Check if the rewards arrive in your inbox successfully.


If you’re looking for more Dress Up Time Princess codes, simply follow the game dev on Twitter and Facebook. This should be the most trustworthy source for you to acquire first-hand info about the game. Or you could keep an eye on this fan account @Timeprince_rui, which will constantly release working codes.

Don’t waste your time on code generators, as most of them are scams. If you don’t want to spend time searching, make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly. We’ll keep updating the post once new codes are released.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post. If you have further questions or suggestions, or have extra codes to share, feel free to drop a comment below.

By Brinksley Hong

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