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Dominus Lifting Simulator Redeem Codes [New] – January 2021

If you want to get stronger quickly in Dominus Lifting Simulator, here’s something that would help. Down below we’ve compiled the complete code list at the moment, check it out and get yourself a nice head start.

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How to redeem codes in Dominus Lifting Simulator

When you get hold of the latest codes, you can use these steps to claim the rewards:

  1. Open Dominus Lifting Simulator and enter the game.
  2. In the left menu, select Codes.
  3. Click ENTER CODE HERE and type or paste your code. Then press Enter to redeem.

Working codes (January 2021)

The following codes have been verified. Leave a comment if you find any codes not working.

Lifting 1500 strength points
CAT A pet cat
Strength 500 strength points
PETS1k coins

How to get more codes

Codes are usually released when certain codes are met, so be sure to like and favorite the game if you want more. The developer’s Twitter seldom posts anything code-related, so your best bet would be joining the Discord and see if there’s any updates. You can also check back this page as we’ll keep updating the list as soon as we can.

Bonus: Codes for popular Roblox games

If you’re a Roblox aficionado, you might want to check out codes of other popular games:

Want more codes for other Roblox games? Check out our Roblox Games Codes page!

Bonus: Latest Robux deals

Want to buy some Robux but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Down below we put together some popular platforms for your Robux needs. Simply choose the one the suits you the best.

Platforms800 Robux2,000 Robux10,000 RobuxNote
Amazon Roblox Gift Card$10$25$100100% legit + Free items
RBX.placeNone (Minimum 1,000 Robux)$16.80$82.78Third party sellers. Online delivery.
RBLX.shopping$4.77$11.90$59.51Third party sellers. Online delivery.

(Note: Rates updated in January 2021 and might vary in time and countries. Third party platforms like RBX.place might run out of stock occasionally.)

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