Do Not Disturb iPhone – How to Set up Easily

What is Do Not Disturb mode in iPhone? How to set up Do Not Disturb mode in iPhone? This article introduces the detailed information about Do Not Disturb, and easy steps to set it up.


Do Not Disturb in iPhone has been a helpful feature for iPhone users. You may want to turn on Do Not Disturb when you don’t want to be interrupted by the phone calls, messages and notifications, such as when you are having meetings, playing games or sleeping. This article introduces how to set up Do Not Disturb and the further configurations in your iPhone.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb 
Further configurations

What is Do Not Disturb?

The Do Not Disturb mode has been added as iOS 6 update in 2012. It can mute the phone calls, messages and alerts so that you won’t be interrupted during a certain period. Indeed you can still receive those notifications, but your phone just won’t ring, vibrate or turn on the screen to remind you of these notifications. You will see those alerts when you turn on your screen, or when the Do Not Disturb mode turns off in your iPhone.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb

There are two ways to turn on Do Not Disturb in your iPhone. If you are new to iOS device, and you don’t know much about it, follow these instructions to set up the Do Not Disturb mode:

Note: All the screenshots below are shown on iOS 10, but the fixes apply to other iOS versions.

Way 1

The first way to turn on is from the Control Center, and it’s fastest and most direct as well:

1) Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center.

2) Tap the crescent moon icon to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode. The moon icon is transparent grey when it’s off, and will change color when it’s on.

Way 2

The second way to turn on is from the Settings app:

Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Manual, tap the button next to Manual to turn it on.

Schedule Do Not Disturb mode

Or you can also schedule to automatically turn on Do Not Disturb mode every day, so you don’t need to repeatedly turn on and off the mode every time. And it also prevents you from forgetting to turn off this mode, in case you may miss important phone calls and notifications.

1) Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled, tap the button next to Scheduled to turn it on.

2) The Quiet Hours setting will appear for you to schedule. Tap the From To button to enter the Quiet Hours setting.

3) Tap From to choose the time you want to start the Do Not Disturb mode every day, then tap To to choose the time you want to end up the Do Not Disturb mode every day.

4) The moon icon in Control Center will automatically change color when the settings finish. Then tap the back buttonon the upper left to save the settings.

Further configurations

Do Not Disturb can effectively silence almost all notifications, but certain notifications can still get through, such as alarms by your clock application and the government alerts. Furthermore, you are able to customize Do Not Disturb on your iPhone to meet your needs.

Allow certain calls to get through

You can set up to receive calls from certain contacts, such as your parents, important friends, etc. so you won’t miss their calls even though Do Not Disturb is on.

1) Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From.

2) You will see four options, then select Favorites (make sure you have added the contacts you want to receive calls to Favorites in Phone application).

Everyone: No incoming calls will be silenced.
No One: Incoming calls or messages from everyone will be silenced.
Favorites: Incoming calls from your Favorites will not be silenced.
All Contacts: Incoming calls from your saved contacts will not be silenced.

3) Tap the Back button to save your settings.

Repeated Calls

This is an exception for the Do Not Disturb mode in case there are any emergency calls for you. It is turned on by default. When enabled, a second call from the same person within 3 minutes will not be silenced.

Similarly, if you want to call someone in case of emergency, but his iPhone is in the Do Not Disturb mode, you can try calling him again within 3 minutes to get through.

1) Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Repeated Calls.

2) If you want to allow repeated calls within 3 minutes, make sure it’s turned on (it’s turned on by default).
If you don’t want to, you can tap the button next to Repeated Calls to turn it off.

The SILENCE section

By default, iPhone will silence notifications only when your phone screen is off. That is to say, when you are actively using your phone, you will receive notifications as usual. If you don’t want to, you can change the settings not to receive notifications all the time.

1) Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

2) Scroll down to the SILENCE section, and choose Always if you want to silence notifications all the time.
Always: Incoming calls and notifications will be silenced while iPhone is either locked or unlocked.
Only while iPhone is locked: Incoming calls and notifications will be silenced while iPhone is locked.

3) Tap the back button to save your settings.


This is how to set up Do Not Disturb in your iPhone and the further configurations. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

By Lillian Lai

Lillian, a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), is a technology enthusiast, longing to share the technical tips and solutions to computer problems. Also as a person who enjoys writing, she’s found the perfect match for writing and technology. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her either reading or playing mobile games.

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