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3 Fixes to Convert JPG to PDF | HEIC to JPEG | AVIF to JPG

3 Fixes to Convert JPG to PDF | HEIC to JPEG | AVIF to JPG

Image file format conversion is often necessary for various purposes such as sharing photos or opening them in specific software. This post provides methods for converting JPG to PDF, HEIC to JPEG, and AVIF to JPG. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


After thorough research, we have concluded three fixes to covert JPG to PDF easily.

Fix 1 – Online converters

Simply search jpg to pdf on Google, and you’ll find many websites offering conversion for free.

Before applying online converters, please be aware of potential risk and privacy concerns:

  • Data exposure: when you upload a file to an online converter, there is a risk of your data being exposed to third parties or unauthorized access.
  • Data storage: some online converters may retain your uploaded files on their servers for a certain period.
  • Lack of control: you may not know how the converters handle your data and it could be vulnerable to potential breaches or misuse.
  • Data harvesting: some services may collect information about users such as IP address, browser information and more, for tracking and marketing purposes.

Nevertheless, online converters also have its own advantages:

  • Free access: users can convert their files without any costs, though some websites may limit the conversion times per day.
  • Convenience: accessible anywhere anytime as long as you have an internet connection.
  • User-friendly interface: most online converters have simple and intuitive interfaces, making it easy to complete the conversion process.

Some popular online converters for JPG to PDF include JPG2PDF, ILovePDF, and Smallpdf.

Maximum photos at once: 20;

File size: no limit;

Remove uploaded data: after 1 hour;

Automatically rotates, optimizes and scales down images, but keeping the original resolution.


File source: computer, Google Drive, Dropbox;

Setting options: page orientation, page size, margin;

Preview available and many other PDF tools.


File source: computer, Google Drive, Dropbox;

Remove uploaded data: after 1 hour;

Setting options: page orientation, page size, margin.


Here is how online websites convert images:

  1. Upload your JPG files to the converter by dragging and dropping them or using a Upload or Choose File button to select them from your computer.
  2. Arrange the files or customize any settings if necessary and available.
  3. Initiate the process to generate a PDF file. Once done, download the file to your computer.

If you’re still concerned about data privacy or working on sensitive images, move on to the next fix.

Fix 2 – Microsoft Word

If your computer is equipped with Microsoft Word, you can make full use of it to convert JPG files to PDF. Check the potential pros and cons of using Microsoft Word:

  • File size: word-generated PDFs may have larger file sizes compared to those created with online converters. This could be a concern if file size is critical for you.
  • Dependency on software: you need to install the software before using.
  • Quality: word may compress the images during conversion, potentially reducing the original image quality. Besides, if you may multiple images to convert, it may be time-consuming as it doesn’t provide batch processing features.
  • Editing capabilities: Microsoft Word allows users to edit and customize the content (e.g. crop the image) before saving it as a PDF.
  • Easy compilation: you could convert several JPG images into one PDF file if necessary.
  • Integration with other Office apps: when you’re done with the conversion, you could seamlessly integrate with other Office applications.

Convert JPG to PDF is easy with Microsoft Word:

  1. Open a blank file in Microsoft Word, choose the Insert tab and select Pictures and This Device. Then browse and open the JPG files.
  2. Arrange the pictures if necessary, click on File and select Save As.
  3. Choose the location where you want to save the PDF file, and select PDF in the Save as type dropdown menu.
  4. Click Save.

Microsoft Word will save the file as a PDF. Without uploading to third-party servers, this is the safest way to achieve file format conversion.

Fix 3 – Image software

However, for those without Microsoft Word, it’s time to turn to image editing software which provides JPG to PDF service. Similarly, view the following pros and cons before taking action:

  • Complexity: you may need to learn how to use the software since some image apps have a steeper learning curve for new users.
  • License issue: image software may require a paid license for using or advanced features.
  • App installation: to use them, you need to download and install the software with internet connection.
  • Text recognition: Some image tools offer OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, allowing you to convert image-based text in JPG files into searchable and editable text in the PDF.
  • File size: when adjust the settings during conversion, PDFs file size can be smaller than the original JPG files without significant loss of quality.
  • Image editing: using image software, you can easily and conveniently edit the image before conversion.

If you have image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, open the JPG file and save it as a PDF directly. Besides, you can download other software to complete the conversion.

For example, Adobe Acrobat is considered one of the best JPG to PDF converter software, which can work on your files without Internet connection. Download it if you don’t have one, then click File  > Create > PDF from File, and select the image files you want to convert. Though it’s a paid software, you can take advantage of its 7-day free trial.

Fixes for HEIC to JPEG

For converting heic to jpeg, similar solutions are available which usually include online converters, built-in software, downloaded software, and chrome extension. Keep browsing and find one that suits your needs best.

  • Online converters: heictojpg, heic2jpg;

Maximum photos at once: 5;

Remove uploaded data: within 48 hours;

Don't harm image quality.


Maximum photos at once: 20;

Remove uploaded data: after 1 hour;

File size: up to 50 MB;

Download separately or all in a ZIP.


There are many reasons people want to conduct a HEIC to JPEG conversion. One example is for compatibility and support. Given that HEIC is a relatively newer image format introduced by Apple and may not be compatible with all devices, operating systems, or apps, people may want a conversion to JPEG for a broader range of platform support.

Fixes for AVIF to JPG

AVIF is a highly efficient image compression format, but not all devices, browsers, or software applications support it. This is why people want to convert it to JPG. Additionally, JPG is compatible with older software versions and devices, unlike AVIF. Furthermore, AVIF is renowned for its superior compression efficiency and smaller file sizes. However, if file size is not crucial, users may prefer the JPG format.

Here we also provide three methods to convert AVIF to JPG:

  • Online converters: Online-Convert, Convertio, and CloudConvert;

Quality options: best, smallest, customized;

Optional settings: change size, color filter, DPI, crop image, set black and white threshold, specify the resolution unit for DPI, set the chroma sub-sampling method.


File size: up to 100 MB;

File source: computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL;

Other converter available including image, document, ebook, audio, archive, video, CAD and more.


Options: width, height, fit, strip, quality;

Paid API access available;

File source: computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, OneDrive.


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