How to Fix Mac White Screen Issue [Super Easy]

Apple is a famous brand all over the world and its Mac products are popular computers. But do you know what to do when your Mac gives you a white screen? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are fixes for you to solve the problem. Try these fixes: Check Mac's...

Fix MacBook Battery Not Charging Issue [Super Easy]

The MacBook battery not charging issue could be a serious issue and affect our work and relaxation. But before doing any fixes, check your Mac and make sure it's not your USB-C power adapter's problem. Make sure your MacBook is definitely plugged in.Check your plug socket, make sure it's turned...

Enable Dark Mode on Mac [Super Easy!]

Follow the steps below and you can use Dark mode on Mac easily and quickly! It's super easy! Step 1: Check your Mac version Because the Dark Mode is only available in macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina, so you need to check your Mac version first. HOW: Click the apple...

How to Fix MacBook Stuck on Loading Screen

MacBook is a reliable computer. Although its system is different from Windows, MacBook still could meet the same problem, such as stuck on the loading screen. I believe you'll reboot your MacBook first. But what if a reboot doesn't help? Don't worry, you're not alone. There are fixes for you...

How to Private Browsing on Mac

Private browsing means you're surfing the web without storing your search history. If you don't want others to know which website you've been looking at, you need to enable the private browsing mode. NOTE: Private browsing won't protect you from malware attacks, so you still need to be careful about...

[Solved] Mac Mouse Cursor Disappears

Most Mac users rely on a mouse cursor, but even a Macbook user who can use the touchpad also needs a mouse pointer to lead his way. So it could be very vexing when the mouse pointer disappears or becomes invisible on a Mac or Macbook. Don't worry, you're not...

How to Split Screen on Mac Easily

It’s really easy to divide your Mac screen into two if you know the trick. By splitting your Mac screen, you can run two different apps at the same time. With 2 steps, you can master this trick to make your work more easily and fun. This post also provides...
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5 Best VPN Extensions for Chrome | 2020 Review

It's no surprise that VPN is so popular nowadays as it provides unrestricted access and also allows you to stay secure and anonymous online. Besides a VPN application, now you have another choice - a VPN extension for Chrome. However, among so many Chrome VPN extensions, which one is the...
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