Blind Date Tips | Background Check Your Date Before Meeting

Blind dates may be more popular than you imagine — 43% of Americans said they’ve gone on a blind date. Whether you’re going on a blind date set up by friends or meeting a guy dating online, look no further. Here is a post providing blind date tips for you.

Research Your Date

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Blind date tips before the event start

Before going on a blind date, you may have known some things about this date. But that’s not enough. Check the following to prepare more.

1. Know more about your date

Blind dates can be dangerous, especially if you’re meeting an online date rather than someone introduced by friends. Before showing up, running a people search on your date may be a good idea.

A people search report can reveal a person’s birth, education, job, address history, criminal records, social accounts, and more. The report enables you to grab more details about your potential partner. This will absolutely keep you alert if you find sexual offense records in the report. Or make it easy to start a conversation as you might find commonplace between you guys.

Here we recommend two industry-leading experts in people search: Intelius and BeenVerified. Both search engines allow you to search someone by name, phone number, address, email, and username secretly and legitly.

The steps to run a people search are as follows:

1. Visit Intelius or BeenVerified website.

2. Enter the name of your blind date and click Search.

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3. Once the algorithm finds the matching and sends them back, your report will be ready in minutes. You may find valuable personal information in the report without anyone being notified.

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2. Be realistic in expectations

Your friend may have exaggerated a lot about the person you’re going to meet. Or you may have beautified your online date in your imagination. Try to lower your expectation and be realistic.

It’d be amazing to find your true love in one shot, but it’s hard. Besides, don’t judge someone easily by appearance, first impression, and hour-long talking. Set your expectations low and you may find surprises during the date.

3. Learn more about the place

Search the dating location

Set your meeting in a public place — a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a shopping plaza will be a good choice. If the place is suggested by your date, then do some research before moving there.

Where is the nearby traffic? How is the environment? Where can you go after the date? Apart from keeping yourself known and in control, you can name an activity immediately after the date if you feel like hanging out longer.

Blind date tips during the event

Worry about how to behave during a blind date? You’re not alone. The followings are 4 tips you may find helpful.

1. Report your location

“How dangerous could it be?” you may wonder. Although it may seem unnecessary and useless, it does no harm to you. Just simply let your friends know where you are and what you’re up to. After all, you’re meeting someone you don’t know before.

2. Start with icebreaker questions

It’s normal to feel embarrassed during a blind date, but several icebreaker questions may ease that. Talk about the movies, sports, or music before digging into personal info like jobs, dreams, family, and relationship expectations. Anyway, start with the easy and relaxing topics and keep the conversation going.

Be natural during a blind date

3. Be yourself

Everyone wants to act perfectly when seeing a potential lover. However, over-emphasizing it may cause you nervous, or acting not like you.

If you’re not being yourself, he/she might end up liking someone that you aren’t. It would be painful to pretend to be someone and please your partner all the time. So, just be yourself and let your characters out. There must be someone who will be attracted by the real you.

4. Be sincere

As said before, it’s difficult to find Mr.right in one shot. So don’t have pressure or big ambition over the blind date. If your think this guy is your soul mate, seize the opportunity to know more about him/her.

But if you don’t like your date, just consider it as making a new friend. Be sincere and friendly. Don’t wear the emotion on your face. After all, you don’t know where you’re going to meet this guy again. Since you’re going to spend hours on the date, try to make it fun.

Blind date tips after the event

After the blind date, you should decide whether to have a second date or not. If you don’t feel the spark, just be honest and clear. You can say “It’s a wonderful evening, thank you for that. But I don’t think we’re right for each other.” In this way, you won’t keep him/her waiting and upset.

End the date on a good note

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That’s all for blind date tips. If you find this post helpful or you have something else to share, please feel free to leave a word below.

By Yuki Huang

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