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What Is A Birth Chart | Meaning & How To Interpret

What Is A Birth Chart | Meaning & How To Interpret

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Who am I? Where do I come from? How do I end up here? What kind of a partner belongs to me? If you’re wondering things about yourself and your destiny, you may give yourself a chance to look at your birth chart for an answer, or at least for an orientation.

In this post we’ll show you the easiest and complete way to acquire your birth chart for free and to read it for essentials, step by step.

What is a Birth Chart?

Your birth chart, a.k.a. natal chart, is a diagram showing the astronomical view at your exact birth time and place. It’s like a snapshot upon the universe, taken from the viewpoint where and when you were born on Earth.

The positions of the planets and stars are always changing when we observe them from Earth. And in astrology it’s believed we’re all incarnations of the universe. So the moment you caught your first breath, you also caught a glimpse of universe. Your birth chart is the record of that glimpse, and also the record of your life profile.

Where to Get My Birth Chart?

To draw a birth chart is actually to do an astronomical calculation. So it can be programmed by computer. And you can find a lot of free products online to draw your birth chart.

Take Astro Seek for example:

1. Open the birth chart calculator of Astro Seek.

2. Enter your Date of Birth and the exact Time. If you’re not sure about the time, tick the box of unknown time.

The choice of “unknown time” means to automatically set the time at 12:00 on your birthday.

3. Type in your Birth city or enter the exact coordinates where you were born. And click Calculate chart.

4. Now you get your birth chart. And you can choose one from different forms to present it.

Other platforms are pretty much the same. To note that an accurate time is really important, as some of the planets can change their placements in just one hour. And the interpretation on them and on the interaction of the whole chart would change.

Rectify your Birth Time

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How to Read My Birth Chart?

Now you have your own birth chart in hand. The next step is to read it. This post will educate you on the basic reading skills and knowledge. But it’s worth mentioning that to interpret a birth chart is a tedious and talented work. After all, a life profile can never be thin and short. And all those hidden clues require good imagination and intuition to locate and to reveal.

1. Find a professional to interpret

If you want to get into details of your birth chart or if you’re making big decisions on life, the most efficient way to unravel your birth chart is to find a psychic.

Keen offers one of the best online psychic reading services. You can book for a call or chat, or directly connect to a psychic 7 day / 24 h. The profile page of the advisors include true customer reviews, consultation times, certificates and specialized areas. You can easily find a psychic good at astrology reading for your birth chart interpretation.

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Purple Garden is a live psychic reading service. It allows you to chat over text, voice or video right on the click, anytime around the clock. Their professional advisors all have video self-introductions attached. And you can search for a matched advisor according to price range, review numbers and service methods. Besides, the 8 divisions of reading tools are pretty inclusive.

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Soulight is another famous platform for online psychic booking. You can use it on desktop and mobile. And it’s up to you whether to pay by minutes for a quick chat 7 day / 24 h or by times for a certain kind of reading. The divisions of reading topics and tools are really fine and profuse. You may unlock your birth chart and life path with a matching psychic in just minutes.

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There’re also other renowned online psychic services you may consider, like PathForward and Kasamba, etc. Just pick the one that feels right for you or go straight for the spiritual advisor that catches your eyes.

2. Easy guide to read by yourself

If you want to try interpreting your birth chart on your own, here are the steps and basic knowledge you should know. What we do is to collect information on this chart to make “sentences” about our life. Let’s take this chart below for an example.

Elements for making sentences

1) House: The whole chart represents for the sky view and it’s divided into 12 houses. The graph shows them in numbers in the inner circle. They show different life sections or situations. And they tell about Where’s.

What does each house mean and symbolize? See article: 12 Houses in Astrology.

2) Zodiac Sign: It refers to 12 constellations far away from the Milky Way. And in the chart you can see their symbols on the outside ring. They add characters on planets and houses. And they’re the How’s.

2) Planet: All the planets and stars are called planets in astrology. They’re distributed in different houses and appear under various signs. Each of them plays a role in a certain life issue. Thus they represent the What’s.

Step 1: Look at the integral distributions of the planets to see the outline of your life script.

The houses above the horizontal line are associated with connections to the outside world. While the houses below show your inner world, your relationship with yourself. So for the example chart, the owner’s life is more about seeking meanings and goals in the public area.

While the left and right sides divided by the relative vertical line tell about how much influence the fate wields in your life. More planets on the left, more free will.

Step 2: Count the times each zodiac sign repeats to see your dominant temperaments.

On the plate between the outside and inside rings you can see the zodiac signs repeatedly appear. That marks actually how many planets lie in their areas. The 12 signs are titled under 4 elements.

  • The earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. This element is about realism, ambitions and value creation.
  • The water signs: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpion. This element dominates the world of emotions and feelings and is really sensitive.
  • The fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. This element is associated with energy, courage and execution. It’s optimistic and outgoing most of the time.
  • The wind signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra. This element is good at thinking and philosophies. You may find them always curious but seem to stay in their own world and show indifference to the outside.

Step 3: See the 6 major planets for the main line of your life journey.

Combine the houses, zodiac signs and planets to create sentences. These sentences together form the basic interpretation of or definition on you. The followings are basic introduction to the life issues the 6 planets are about. Find which zodiac sign and house each planet lies at.

  • Sun: it’s about your ego and who you are. Our daily language of “my zodiac sign” refers right to the sign which the Sun lies at on our birth chart.
  • ASC: it’s about your super ego or say your social mask.
  • Moon: it’s part of your id, more accurately the emotional you.
  • Mars: it’s another part of your id and it reflects your biological needs and energy source.
  • Venus: it’s your aesthetics and values. It shows especially your concept of love and your image in love.
  • Mercury: it shows your thinking and speaking way and ability.
There’re many concepts to learn before you can actually look deeper into a birth chart. Above are the guide for a quick glance at your birth chart and to grasp the essentials. Good interpretations take constant learning and practicing.

F&Q about Birth Chart

1. How can a birth chart decide my whole life?

No, your birth chart CAN’T DECIDE your life route. But it does show your gifts and inclinations. Our real life journey shapes itself from the combination of fate and free will.

2. Why does birth chart show the hints of my future?

In the philosophy of astrology, time is regarded the same as space: just another dimension added to our 3D-world. Like in space you can go back and forth freely, the present and future on the time line also don’t come in sequence. Our whole life is a mobius ring of causes and effects.

3. What’s the use of reading my birth chart?

As we’re creatures of 3D, we can’t go beyond and manipulate the 4th dimension, namely time. And therefore in our view time is always on one direction and our life story along it can’t be traced back or predicted. And that’s when birth chart can help. You cannot go back or see the rest of your life by now as time in our world stops you, but you can see the clues and traces your life left on the universe. And that is your birth chart.

Final Words

For sure, only you can uncover the whole mystery of your life, and only time brings the final answer. But if you feel lost and get scared to carry on, read the marks your past and future self left for you on your birth chart. We’re all travelers who set our own journeys.

Read your birth chart or ask about anything NOW FOR FREE!


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