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Best Toys & Gifts for Autistic Kids (with coupons)


Rather than being stressed out figuring out what your autistic child is missing and what to do to help, make time for fun. Enough advice from educational experts, pediatricians, and scientists now, you need some happy time together. Play has a great potential to speed up your child’s development. It will bring you great relief when you select a toy that would make your child laugh, learn, concentrate or just feel safe.

Prepare a personized gift for your kid with autism

No one knows your child better than yourself. You get all the hardship they’re going through, and you understand why they suddenly become upset or give you a positive response. Therefore, what we’re doing here is to make your gift choice much easier based on scientific findings and days of online searching. But always remember that your main aim should be to find toys that appeal to your child’s sense of fun and unique interests.

1. Know how they play differently

Every kid with autism is unique. They play differently from other kids, even from other autistic kids. Generally, they play differently in the following ways:

  1. Have a harder time engaging their imagination during play

  2. Repetitive actions

  3. Limited interests

  4. Become extremely interested in a peripheral part of a toy or game

    Kids with autism may be interested in peripheral parts of a toy
  5. Play alone all the time

    autistic kids play alone

So they may not be able to involve in any make-believe games, and rarely love toys that require social interactions. Most of the time, sadly, they feel hard to adapt to new toys, especially when they’re only interested in certain toys like cars. Luckily, these behaviors may improve as they grow and you can help them overcome their weakness through play therapy.

2. Sensory toys every kid loves

Most autistic kids are hypersensitive to light, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Some are sensitive to touch, while others may sensitive to lights or sounds. Overall speaking, toys like plushies or lamps are popular.

Plush toy

Amazon offers a wide range of sensory toys for autistic kids, and you can always find Amazon coupons for most products you purchase, either by searching it within the website: Amazon coupons or do it super easy with Coupons for Amazon, which can save you up to 75%.

  1. Happy the Hedgehog

    This is one of the favorite toys of autistic children and the weight of the Hedgehog is what helps soothe the child.
  2. Bstaofy LED Blue Shark

    Kids will love watching the soft glow especially for the kids who are afraid of darkness. The LED shark can be a lovely companion to help your child sleep better.
  3. Sensory Moon Bubble Tube Lamp

    Bubble tube lamp can dazzle and relax your child with sensory needs with bubble motors, color-changing LEDs. Visually interesting gifts are always a big hit.
  4. Touch & Sound Activated Plasma Ball Lamp

    Plasma balls can entertain your child for ages. The interacitive lighting display will spark children’s curiosity and keep them focused. However, if you’re a fan of Sensory Moon, you can check its similar product with a relatively higher price at $39.95.
  5. Fat Brain Dimple Toys

    Cause and effect toys can teach kids that they have the ability to influence their environment. The dimple toys are fun and feature simple repetitive actions, so you can turn it into a simple turn taking activity.
  6. Other toy companies specializing in sensory toys for kids with autism you might like:
    2. Melissa & Doug
    3. SENSORY Thera Play Box

3. Semi-educational toys that kids with autism enjoy

Parents would constantly think about how to improve thier learning skills, problem solving. Aside from those toys that merely entertain your kids, you might also want them to be a little educational simutaneously.

  1. Kiwi Crate

    Kiwi Crate is a good fit for KiwiCo for autistic children. There are so many subscription boxes out there for different ages of kids. If you become a monthly subscriber, you won’t have to worry about what gift for your kids anymore.

    Saving money tips:
    • When you go to the checkout page, you will be charged $19.95/ month if you order monthly.
    • After using a promo code, you will have $15 off, and the final price is only $4.95.

      Get the KiwiCo promo code below, and apply it when checking out.

      (This promo code will be expired on Mar 22, 2020)
  2. Little Passports
    Little Passports is also a subscription box with colorful wall-sized world maps, fun toys trending cards and photos. Children just love these packages and you can expand the interests of your autistic kid while exploring the world together.
    1. The price for a monthly subscription starts from $12.95 to $19.95, depending on what edition you choose. However, like most subscription plans, they offer a lower price for 6 months or 1-year subscribers.
    2. For annual subscription, you can get $20 off by entering a coupon code.

4. Calming & stress relief gifts for kids with autism

  1. Weighted Blanket

    Hiseeme Weighted Blanket for Kids: $32.90
    Weighted blankets are one of the best possible gifts for autistic children over 1-year-old, who want a feeling of being held tightly or want the extra weight. It will reduce stress or anxiety in children on the autism spectrum, making them feel being safe and tucked in.
  2. Sensory Sox

    SANHO Dynamic Movement Sensory Sox: $24.96
    The sensory experience of the fabric on their skin helps reinforce their sense of spatial awareness and provides a calming effect. Many chidren with ASD sometimes just don’t know what to do with their bodies and this sensory sock can help them cope with the fear.
  3. Sensory Chew Necklace

    They help to greatly reduce anxiety and stress for those with sensory input disorders and provide a safe alternative to chewing on hands, pens, clothing, and hard objects.

Hope your kid enjoy your gift! If you want to hear more about such gift suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment below.

By Via Kuang

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