Audible Offering Free Books for Kids Stuck at Home

Audible Offering Free Books for Kids Stuck at Home

Amazon is offering free books to kids now. How many new free books then?

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon decided to offer hundreds of free Audible books for kids stuck at home. No login, no payment, and no strings attached 100% free offerings. All you need to do is pick your favorite book and click Start Listening.

What’s new?

The choices aren’t just limited to the public domain classics now. Your kids now have a wide variety of books such as Winnie-the-Pooh and the Story Party: The complete Collection, Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter and Zero G.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the free books…

All six categories for your family of all ages:

  1. Littlest Listeners
    37 free books for little kids, either for entertainment or educational purposes
  2. Elementary
    87 free books for your curious children who always wanted to explore the world
  3. Tween
    40 free books for teenagers (9-12) who begin to explore new interests and passions
  4. Teen
    67 free books for cool teenagers who prefer more complicated themes such as Crime and Mystery, Social and Culture
  5. Literary Classics
    27 free books for teens and adults who want to feel the charm of literature
  6. Folk & Fairy Tales for All
    26 free books to expand your horizon in a fun way

If you’ve never found free time for the world classics, now you can listen to them at home for all day, even when you’re doing chores.

For those parents who never spent much quality time with their kids together, listening to the story and sharing your thoughts would make them happy.

Other languages

Books are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian. So it’s time to pick up your language skills if you always don’t have time to practice. Or if you’re interested in learning a new language, you can’t miss out on Rosetta Stone Promotions which gives you 50% off your purchase.

Establish a reading schedule

Although most of these books are quick ones and your kids might be able to finish listening in a single day. Just because they’re trapped at home doesn’t mean they can idle their time and no routines at all. You can discuss with your kids and set up a concrete schedule to help them learn smart and play hard at the same time. This will keep things orderly.

Other free online audio books for childern

  1. Storyline Online
    This award-winning website provides free storytelling videos that can foster a love of reading in children, featuring celebrated actors including Viola Davis, Kristen Bell, Chris Pine, Lily Tomlin, etc.
  2. Storynory
    This website has been offering audio stories for kids since 2005, with a wide variety of books such as fairy-tales, poems, classics books, educational books. Furthermore, you can download the MP3 of the book and then play it on any device.

    There are a lot of advertisements on this website. So if you don’t want to be bothered by a full load of Google Ads all the time, you can download them on the Apple App Store.
  3. Oxford Owl
    Run by Oxford University Press, this website is more educational and offers you find all kinds of learning materials at home. Also, you can get access to its free eBook resources and find the books perfect for your kids.
  4. Free Children Stories
    If your kid is a huge fan of narrated stories, this website is just for them. It’s totally free and you don’t have to sign up or download anything. You can read them to sleep if you don’t want them to spend too much time on screen.

Many of those online websites are not user-friendly (because they’re free), and some may have annoying ads, but the most important of all is that you pick the best book for your kids and read to them everyday.

By Via Kuang

Via is a writer for Super Easy. She specializes in modern, realistic lifestyle writing, covering fashion, the arts, travel, books, saving money tips and more. She just loves delving deep into topics that help everyone become a happier, healthier, more productive person. When not writing, she's exploring the beauty of the world -- the real scenic beauty and the intellectual beauty.

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