Animal Jam Redeem Codes – December 2020

Animal Jam is one of the most popular games where you can personalize your favorite animal, learn fun facts, play mini-games and interact with friends. If you’re looking for redeem codes to make the game more fun, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve gathered all the active codes that the game currently has.

Animal Jam Redeem Codes

Here’s a list of Animal Jam redeem codes. We update the list regularly, so make sure you check back often in case you miss any new codes.

Apart from this, there’re other ways you can find Animal Jam Redeem codes: you can get redeem codes from National Geographic Kids magazine, Almanac/Infopedia and Daily Explorer. You’ll also get codes with every purchase from Animal Jam Outfitters. Occasionally, you can get codes in your in-game box.

These codes are not case-sensitive, so you can enter with both uppercase letters and lowercase letters. But remember redeem codes can expire very soon, this means that you should act quickly to get your rewards.
snowyleopard750 Gems
coolpolarbear750 Gems
supersheep750 Gems
curiousraccoon750 Gems
happyhyena750 Gems
funnyfox750 Gems
swiftdeer750 Gems
wiseowl750 Gems
playfulpanda750 Gems
poshpig750 Gems
livelylynx750 Gems
cheerycheetah750 Gems
fuzzytiger750 Gems
slowsloth750 Gems
sneakycougar750 Gems
fastfalcon750 Gems
clevercoyote750 Gems
sillyseal750 Gems
cuddlykoala750 Gems
jammerjoey750 Gems
loudlion750 Gems
lovablelemur750 Gems
dashingdolphin750 Gems
billygoat750 Gems
quickhorse750 Gems
luckyllama750 Gems
adorableotter750 Gems
AJBDABirthday Cake
JunoHidden Juno Statue

How to Redeem Animal Jam Codes

There’re 3 ways you can redeem Animal Jam codes: the first option is going to the Animal Jam official website; you can also redeem the code through the in-game login screen; the third option is by going to the My Settings menu, clicking the Enter Code button.

Hopefully, this post helped. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts.

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