Best Books To Read in 2023

Best Books To Read in 2023

You might feel anxiety, anger, and depression stay home for a long time. What can you do while social distancing? Except for holding your mobile all the time, why not use this time to do something meaningful?

Here are 5 books that I think are interesting and want to share with you.

1. The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus

The book is written by Richard Preston. I never imagined that documentary literature could be written like drama and I’m not the only one. Many reviews saying the book is horrifying, “the best literary roller coaster of the fall”.
It’s the story about people fighting with a highly infectious, deadly virus. “The truth is scarier than fiction.”

2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

It’s a good book to read and easy to understand. It gives helps to change your mindset to be more financially independent. It’s the world’s best personal finance book to teach you how to treat money and become wealthy. Although some people complain that this book does not give a step by step process for change, I would say there’s no way suits anyone. The contribution of this book is you can be the master of money instead of working for the money.

3. Sophie’s World

If you’re interested in philosophy or philosophy history, this is a novel you need to read at the beginning. The novel just like Alice in Wonderland, it’s a fantasy book that brings you a round tour in philosophy history. No matter what background you have, no matter you’re teens or grown-ups, you can enjoy the book and learn from it.
A great intro to philosophy for anyone!

4. Declutter Your Mind

If you don’t like to read, you can listen to this book! This audiobook is great for people who are struggling and feeling overwhelmed by their thought.
During this special time, you might feel anxious, anger, worrying about everything. These negative emotions may influence your sleep and health. So I recommend this book to you. The book provides specific mindfulness techniques that help you clean up the mental clutter that impact your lifestyle.
For me, I always listen to the book before sleeping which really helps.

5. Life Doesn’t Frighten Me

No matter you’re a parent who needs a break from your kids or you need a break from yourself, you can read this book. It’s a kids’ book but grown-ups can enjoy it as well. It brings confidence to readers and encourages people to live a great life. This book is full of soul. If you already have this book, you can reread it with your family or on your own. Don’t lose hope, life doesn’t frighten me, either does coronavirus.

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By Iris Zheng

I have worked as a content writer for years and have found great joy and meaning in this profession. As a member of a company's writing team, I have benefited from continuous training and learning opportunities. These experiences have not only improved my research skills and learning abilities but have also enabled me to quickly find valuable and accurate information in the vast sea of data.My previous work in banking instilled meticulous work habits in me. I carefully inspect and verify information I collect with the aim of providing readers with authentic and reliable content. My skills and cautious nature not only allow me to offer robust support to readers in my professional life but also position me as a source of information and advice for my family and friends in my personal life.I derive immense enjoyment and a profound sense of accomplishment from assisting others. If my articles are able to assist you in any way, it would be both an honor and a personal achievement. This motivation will continue to inspire me to pursue constant improvement and produce more valuable content.


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